Is This Confirmation of a Special Guest Star Appearing in Class? [SPOILERS]

The Doctor Who spin-off, Class, is filming right now, and thus, eager fans have gathered around Cardiff in a bid to see Katherine Kelly and co. – and of course try to get hints of what’s to come when the series airs on BBC Three and BBC1 later this year.

Their dedication seems to have paid off.

This is your final warning: HERE BE SPOILERS!

Spoilers River Song Alex Kingston

Mind you, this is a spoiler that’s been rumoured for some time: it appears that the Doctor will be dropping in on Coal Hill once more because the TARDIS has been spotted!

This is certainly welcome news, as otherwise we’ve got to wait until Christmas to see Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor again. It’s exactly what fans need to not only see them through these next few months, but also to cement Class as a part of the Doctor Who universe.

How do we know that this is actually for Class, and not that they’ve begun filming Doctor Who earlier than planned? Good question. I wish I’d thought of it myself. Well, yesterday, Class star, Fady Elsayed teased:

There we have it. Exciting times ahead.

Written by Patrick Ness (The Rest Of Us Just Live Here; The Crane Wife), Class also stars Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins, and Vivian Oparah. If you want to keep up to date with filming, head to twitter and search for #ClassSR. Or just stick with us here at the DWC. Yeah, do the latter one.

  • TimeChaser

    I still think class is one spin-off too many. One last desperate beating of a dead horse. To me, the best spin-off was Sarah Jane. Hard as I might try, I just couldn’t like Torchwood. Too much of a tangent from Who’s family-friendly format.

    Then again, call me a hypocrite for owning a lot of the NA’s MA’s, and pre-New Series BBC books, which were certainly not always family friendly either.

    • FrancoPabloDiablo

      Why not wait until you see it before dismissing it outright? You never know, It might actually surprise you and be rather good. None of us can say at this point in time.

  • Dr. Moo

    In this year’s Doctor Who drought I’ll take whatever I can. If this means that the definitive Doctor (sorry Tom) is going to make an appearance I will literally explode with joy! Here’s hoping Peter will be joined by Pearl.

    • TimeChaser

      I’ll stick to books and audios to satisfy my thirst. 😉

  • Tidgy’s Dad

    Doctor Who is a family drama. Torchwood was an adult drama (they tried to hard at first.) The SJA’s were children’s drama (and often excellent).
    Class will be aiming more at the young teenage market, I feel, but that doesn’t mean it will be unwatchable for old timers like myself.
    I’ll give it a chance and as Capybara will be appearing in it (sans companion, I expect) and every moment of him is special just now, in this almost New Who free year, I’m actually rather surprised at how much i’m looking forward to it.