Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas Reunited On Doctor Who Set

Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas are together again on the set of Doctor Who Series 10 in Cardiff.

The pair, along with new companion Bill, played by TV newcomer Pearl Mackie, have been filming scenes around the Cardiff University buildings in Cathays Park reports Wales Online.

Last night, the Little Britain star, who will reprise his role as the bumbling Nardole from 2015’s Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song, tweeted that he had been feeling unwell but was ‘going to see The Doctor in the morning’.

Capaldi, who was sporting a rather fetching blue suited variation of his regular costume – along with a black hoodie and long overcoat, was snapped running into action alongside his overcoat clad co-star.

Also spotted in the capital was Pearl Mackie, who was snapped giving a big thumbs up to gathered fans.

In a previously released statement Lucas said:

“I’m chuffed to bits that Nardole is returning to the TARDIS for some more adventures. I loved acting with Peter and I’m excited to work with Pearl.”

Doctor Who returns in December of the Christmas special before the new series airs in 2017.

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  • bar

    You’ve refabricated. I don’t like it.

  • TimeChaser

    I was hoping Capaldi would keep the burgundy coat and waistcoat combo through the new season. Looks like it’s back various looks again.

    (I like some of his outfit changes more than others, but I was really liking that last one.)

    • bar

      Me too TimeChaser – my Pertwee roots are showing!

      • Dr. Moo

        Reverse the polarity of the wardrobe change?

        • JOHNBOY!

          Don’t quit your day job Moo…

  • Dr. Moo

    I’m looking forward to seeing Nardole in action. I really don’t get the way some ”fans” have reacted to him.

    MOFF: Here’s a new companion.
    (New companion is twenty-something present-day Earth girl)
    FANS: Boo! We want a companion that’s older, male, alien, not from the present!
    MOFF: Okay, have Nardole then.
    FANS: Boo! We don’t want that any more apparently!

    I don’t know what to say about that.

    • TimeChaser

      For all we know, he could surprise us all and be the next Donna Noble. We just have to wait and see.