Karen Gillan Posts Old Video of TARDIS Team Goofing Around Behind-The-Scenes

Aw! In a hit of pure nostalgia, Karen Gillan has posted an old video of herself, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill clowning around on set.

It’s clear from the clip, posted to her Instagram page, that the trio really did have great chemistry both on and off set – and, judging by the post, she’s missing the good old days… even if it seems totally weird to us. But then again, the closest friendships have their own language and their own secret terms designed to keep the rest of the world away. Magnify that with on set boredom, youth and a little bit of pressure to make everything go a little…daffy.

Yeah, try to make sense of Karen Gillan resting on a table while Arthur Darvil and what-sounds-like Matt Smith serenade her to the tune of O Little Town of Bethlehem.

Wow. Just found some old videos from the set of Doctor Who. Get ready for weird. @rattyburvil

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  • TimeChaser

    They really were like the Three Musketeers (or considering how silly they could be together, would that be Mouseketeers).

  • Dr. Moo

    How I miss the days of 11, Amy & Rory, as much as I love 12 & Clara I can’t imagine how any TARDIS crew could ever top these three. Time to go watch some series six episodes!