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    • Philip

      Ha! That made me laugh. Thanks 😀

    • Mark North

      I’m probably in the minority on this, but I found John Simm’s portrayal of the Master to be almost refreshing.. This is such a radical departure from the suave sophisticated Master (Delgado), and the moustache twirling Master (Ainley). Of course, Simm’s and Tennant’s portrayals were excellent in the final showdown with Timothy Dalton’s Rassilon…

      • Philip

        I loved Simm’s Master too. I’m a fan of him as an actor anyway, but I thought he was the best thing in those four (and a bit) episodes he was in.

  • bar

    You might wanty to go easy on the ginger ale Philip, you know what it does to you 😉

    • Philip

      I have ale, but alas, it’s still not ginger.

  • Dr. Moo

    You’ve gotta feel sorry for K1, just eight short of the big time.

  • TimeChaser

    Honestly Philip, you should just write a book of these essays, one for each story and title it “An Entirely Fictitious Account of Doctor Who”. I’d buy it! 😉

    • TheLazyWomble

      Well, yes. But would they let him have a pencil or any other sharp object? 😉

      • Philip

        I’ll have you know that I dictate all my work, as my psychiatrist is very accommodating 😉

    • Philip

      Too kind! Thank you, TimeChaser; very much appreciate it.

      • TimeChaser

        You’re very welcome, sir. I enjoy your humor in these articles. 🙂