Peter Davison to Guest in Grantchester – As a Cricket Captain!

The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison is to star in the upcoming third series of Grantchester, ITV’s hit murder mystery drama starring James Norton and Robson Green.

Having been confirmed in April that a third series would be produced, Grantchester is to start filming imminently, for six new episodes and its first ever Christmas episode, a 90-minute special. Peter Davison will appear as Geoff Towler, “the village solicitor, captain of the cricket team, and a man who rules his family with a rod of iron” – and while the rod of iron might be a departure from his typical roles, his fondness for cricket will certainly remind Doctor Who fans of his era in the TARDIS… and in particular, Black Orchid.

The official synopsis for Grantchester‘s upcoming run reads:

In the third series of Grantchester new Archdeacon Gabriel Atubo reminds Sidney that as clergyman he must put duty above his own needs and lead by example. Given the strength of his feelings for Amanda, is this something that Sidney can do?

On the face of it, Geordie is still happily married to Cathy. But there continues to be an undeniable spark between himself and feisty police secretary Margaret (Seline Hizli).

Leonard was left heartbroken after Daniel (Oliver Dimsdale) left him for another man, but in this series he appears to put this behind him and find romantic happiness with someone else. But will those around him allow him this happiness?

Mrs Maguire’s friendship with dashing Jack (Nick Brimble) develops, but can anyone ever replace her late husband Ronnie?

Norton, who plays the lead character, Sidney Chambers, is a big name anyway, but he has been in Doctor Who too: he was heartlessly murdered by Skaldak in Cold War (2013)! Meanwhile, further familiar faces include Only Fools and Horses‘ Tessa Peake-Jones (The Time of the Doctor) and The A Word‘s Morven Christie (Under the Lake/ Before the Flood).

ITV’s Controller of Drama, Victoria Fea says:

“Viewers have really taken Grantchester to their hearts. We’re really excited to commission not only a third series, but also a Christmas special. The village of Grantchester is always beautiful, but to add a festive touch will be absolutely wonderful!”

It’ll be great to see Davison on our screens again; it’s expected to screen in early 2017.

  • bar

    Does your new ident photo mean you have been bowled over by the cricket captain Phil?
    I like Black Orchid, the last pure historical, but I know the only thing Peter D likes about it is that ‘clean bowled in shot’ moment.
    Hoping to meet him in Sept in Swansea, but although I love cricket, I can’t see 5 stealing my heart from 8, 12 or 6.
    They’re all so commited to the show in different ways it’s a gift we shouldn’t take for granted.

    • Dr. Moo

      I hate Black Orchid but I love watching it with Peter and the rest doing the commentary and ripping it to bits. Also, if we’re being *really* technical, the last pure historical was The Doctor’s Meditation last year but who cares about that?

    • Philip

      Good spot, bar! Yep, I met Peter at the weekend and what a wonderful guy he is. I know you’re not supposed to have favourite Doctors, but I do think it’s okay to have incarnations that you consider “My Doctor” – specific ones that you can relate to more than the others, or that helped you through a difficult time or something – and to me, Davison’s one’s of My Doctors, so it was a genuine pleasure. Let us know if you do meet him in Swansea, and how it goes! 🙂

  • Edward Delingford

    Ooh. Love Black Orchid for the same reason I like Unicorn and the Wasp. Nowt wrong with a bit of utter tosh dressed up in great period costumes, wonderful tashes and stately homes. They do seem to share the same tacky DNA and it’s pretty clear the actors know it ‘s tosh but really dive into it. I know most people think they are drivel but I still find both a peverse cringeworthy delight!

    • Ranger

      I like Black Orchid, but really love The Unicorn and the Wasp. I tend to put that on the player when I’m run down with a cold or something, cos it always cheers me up. However, if I’m really ill, then only the 1980 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice will do. (The less said about the Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehrle monstrosity, the better).

      • Edward Delingford

        Unicorn is one of those episodes I will happily sit down and watch whenever it’s on. It’s bathed in perpetual sunlight and joy. Given the levels of ham on display from the entire cast, not just the lead, I get the feeling that the entire cast might have imbibed quite a few Pimms during its filming. While the end result is completely naff, it always puts a smile on my face and the fun the cast had just flows out of the screen. For me, it’s one of the few times I feel David is completely relaxed in the role and it’s lovely to see him looking so happy. It’s the kind of pure joy you get throughout series 5 and 6 too during Matt’s time when you can feel the utter delight the cast and crew had in making the program and each other’s company.

        • Ranger

          Yes, I think that’s why I love it, the cast look like they are just having the greatest fun.