What Did You Think of Class: Nightvisiting?

As Hallowe’en approaches, darkness falls across the land, and loved ones return to us.

That’s what the third episode of Doctor Who spin-off, Class promised, a tale rich with character development – especially for Vivian Oparah’s Tanya. So what did you think of Nightvisiting? Was it as good as the previous stories – For Tonight We Might Die and The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo – or better? Perhaps you thought this week’s was a letdown after the excitement of seeing Peter Capaldi, meeting Miss Quill, and seeing people being skinned? Does its “adult” tone feel show-horned in?

Maybe you just like Tanya’s polar bear pyjamas?

Written by Patrick Ness, Nightvisiting was also directed by Ed Bazalgette: are you enjoying his visuals, or is it time for a change? (This is the last by Bazalgette, so a change is in order, however you feel!)

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  • Dr. Moo


    – The pretitles sequence was really well done, it really got to me.
    – Tanya. Just in general. Not bad for someone who had been (in my opinion) the weak link of the show so far.
    – Miss Quill. It was nice to see her get some backstory and every second she was onscreen was pure gold. Of course she would read The Hunger Games and know how to commandeer a London Bus!
    – April and Ram, does it make me a “shipper” that I love those two together?
    – The resolution wasn’t handwavy or rushed, in a welcome change.
    – The ending. It ended exactly how it had to as Tanya says goodbye to her father and gets her closure after all.

    – Did we really need to see Charlie and Matteuzs going at it? I’m not sure what that added to proceedings and I don’t feel like either of these two characters are particularly interesting compared to everyone else.
    – Everyone forgets about it. Oh how convenient!
    – So Tanya’s being attacked by a plant? I know, let’s stand around outside for ages instead of just going in and helping her!
    – So I guess smashing something with a blunt object doesn’t count as a weapon now? Or does it only not count if that object is a bus? Quill’s sentence is being inconsistently applied.
    – Why does the Larkin reach out to some people but just grab others and tie them in place? I’d have liked some explanation for its inconsistent methods.

    Overall another strong episode. My issues with it were very minor but not quite minor enough for me to ignore them so that’s a 9/10. And that’s the highest score that any of the three episodes so far have got from me. And it’s a big 9/10, about as close as is possible to be to a perfect ten without being one.

    • bar

      Thanks for blanking out spoilers Moo; I read this page before watching. Now I’ve seen it I can read yours properly!
      Yeah, Quill being more than a charicature is good. Much of the character development still feels forced – your shipping in a bus stop being a case in point. But give it time.
      As to Charlie and Matteuzs, I do hope something happens to make them interesting. Sad that his ‘religious’ family threw him out – I know lots of religious families that thought they were anti-gay till their son came out, and turned wonderfully supportive. Shame the false stereotype is regurgitated here.

      Consistency in Who is a term used to describe how runny the monster goo is. But Quill can use a weapon WHEN the monster is threatening Charlie, as it was by then.

  • krumstets

    This has turned out to be quite rubbish. It’s slow with cardboard cut out characters.
    In the latest episode the moment the aliens started talking about souls I started to zone out.
    It’s clear this has no budget and is just trying to capitalise on Dr Who.
    Last week Ram told his father everything and then…nothing. His father didn’t even question it. No come back. I mean WTF?
    This week’s monster came straight from a Futurama episode. It’s BS. Let’s hope this isn’t renewed for a second season.

    • Dr. Moo

      It’s like you’ve watched a totally different series to what I have. I honestly can’t comprehend what’s not to like here. This is a great series and I can see it going on for years. With Nightvisiting we have seen a spin-off take the age old Aliens Invading Earth story and doing it just as well, if not better, than the ”main” show. Class has proven a more than worthy successor to the shared crown of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures and is in fact, if the first three episodes are anything to go by, the best show of the three.

  • Namnoot

    Garbage. Turned it off halfway through- first time in 35 years of watching Doctor Who that I’ve ever done that to any production. Not just the gratuitous and unnecessary sex, but also the basic concept was a blatant rip off of Army of Ghosts and Dark Water/Death in Heaven.

    • bar

      More a homage/rip off of Buffy ‘Dead Man’s Party,’ ‘Hush’ and ‘Conversations with Dead People.’ But for those who haven’t seen any of those, the idea is worth airing: bringing back the dead is not a great idea and that we need ot let them go & rest in peace. And Quill’s line about her sister is worth it alone. Anyone with a sister will know what I mean 🙂

    • Dr. Moo

      “Turned it off halfway through” – So you’re definitely in a position to give a fair assessment then!

      If you couldn’t recognise that for the near-masterpiece it was then I really don’t know what to say to you.

  • Philip

    I thought it was brilliant. The best of the series so far. The sex scene was stupid – just trying to be “adult” but missing the mark. Fortunately, that was the only black mark on an exceptional story, beautifully realised. Very Triffids. A lot of great imagery, and a lot of great acting. I’m very much enjoying Class!

    • TheLazyWomble

      Completely agree.