The Return of Doctor Mysterio Christmas Day Time-Slot Confirmed

Giving you ample time to polish off another sherry or twelve, the BBC have confirmed that this year’s Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio will be broadcast in the UK on BBC One on Christmas Day at 5:45 pm.

The special, who’s title is a variation on ‘Doctor Misterio’ the Mexican translation of Doctor Who, is pitched as a Doctor Who meets superheroes’, as Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor comes face to face with The Ghost, a bona-fide masked adventurer played by Canadian actor Justin Chatwin (Orphan Black).

Attempting to channel the fun of the classic Superman movies, which starred the late, great Christopher Reeve as the titular man of steel, the special also features Charity Wakefield (Wolf Hall) as a Lois Lane style investigative reporter.

Other guest stars include Adetomiwa Edun (Merlin), Aleksandar Jovanovic (Close to the Enemy) and Tomiwa Edun (Cinderella).

Joining the Doctor will be last Christmas’ guest star Matt Lucas, who’ll be reprising his role as Nardole for this and the upcoming Series 10 – the final season with Steven Moffat at the helm before he hands the keys to the TARDIS over to Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall.

As we can now confirm Doctor Who will return in this year’s Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio on BBC One on Christmas Day at 5:45 pm.

  • bar humbug

    Good – family time not young adult time. What time does America get to see it?
    (and, thinking of America, what’s happened to TimeChaser? hope UROK)

    • Ranger

      Yes I was thinking of TimeChaser earlier this week, I hope everything is OK

  • Rick714

    They usually show it here at either 7PM (the start of our prime time) or 8PM.

  • Dr. Moo

    Seriously? That early?

    Go home, BBC, you’re drunk.

    Whoever is in charge of promoting this show at the BBC should be fired. I think literally anyone in the world could do a better job. At least I wouldn’t get complacent. “It’s Doctor Who so it’ll get ratings”, err, no, doesn’t work that way. That’s how we get a whole year off and then the only episode debuts at a stupid time before even six.
    Makes me very cross.

    No wonder Moffat wants out.

    • bar humbug

      If it helps you feel any better, I offer quarter past 5, or 17:16:20 if you want to be exact. If it was right for Hartnell and the millions of children that made the show a hit then, why shouldn’t they aim at children now? People like to complain about Capaldi being too old for children, but if he’s been pushed all round the schedule out of their way they need a second chance to fall for him on their terms. Older ones have class now, which you appreciate, so maybe this is a deliberate WHO chice, not a BBC mess-up.

    • Gary Soanes

      A slight over reaction, don’t you think Dr Moo? Christmas day is the most important day of the TV schedulers year, and, even though we as fans take it for granted now, to be given a slot in the Christmas day schedule is indeed a privilege . DW is a family show with the Christmas day episode aiming to appeal to a broader audience , and like it or not, the beeb are not going to push their big- hitter’s like Strictly / Call The Midwife down the schedule to accomadate a few disgruntled Who fans, after all 5:45 pm ( or thereabout) was the time slot the show occupied for decades during it’s original run. So please after a 365 day absence let’s just be happy it’s back on TV and stop coming across as too “self entitled” period

      • Dr. Moo

        “Self entitled”? No.

        This is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) shows that the BBC have. Why is it not getting the treatment that such a thing deserves? Put it on at a decent time when people are actually watching TV.
        eg. Not in the slot usually occupied by a quiz show.
        Radical idea, I know, but maybe if something is your biggest show then it should be treated like it.

        • Gary Soanes

          What’s wrong with a 5:45 pm time slot? It’s Christmas day for god’s sake. People moaned that series 9 was on too late in the evening- ergo disappointing viewing figures, the BBC schedule it early evening as one of it’s Christmas day HIGHLIGHTS ( and I’m sure they’ll promote it as such) and people are still not happy? I’m sure whoever wants to and can watch it on broadcast will, and those people who don’t can always record it on their DVR or catch it later via I Player. I just can’t see what your problem is as I believe all DVR and I Player viewings count toward the final viewing tally nowadays

    • Jean

      Hey, 5:45pm is not too bad. Thanks to time zone I’ll watch at 3:45pm.

  • Jonathan

    Last year’s episode was on around this time but this year has the added benefit of following on from Christmas Bake Off (which may well have a lot of people watching given it is the penultimate BBC Bake Off show) and before the Strictly special. Frozen is also the BBC film for Christmas day so I think the Beeb will win Christmas day ratings again this year, ITV only really has Corrie and Maigret, the latter isn’t exactly Downton in terms of figures. I think this special particularly seems very family friendly with old-school superheroes etc. so I think it is a good time slot, although ratings across the board have been going down over the past few years, nothing gets 13 million any more. Some people are eating their dinner at that sort of time (I’m not) but we do have iPlayer after all. We just tend to sit in front of the TV from 3 onwards unless the main film isn’t something we want to watch. Doctor Who, Strictly, Call the Midwife…now that is a night of TV 🙂

  • TheLazyWomble

    Here’s as good a place as any. Of the aliens in the Christmas special (according to Radio Times) “They’ve been around before. Quite recently” and that’s from Steven “Wedded-to-the-Truth-never-lies-ever” Moffat.

    Over to you, gang.

    • TheLazyWomble

      Just to clarify, I do not think Mr Moff is lying here.