Welcome to Festive Fiction Fortnight

With 2016 drawing to a close, we thought it was time to try something a little different. Welcome to Festive Fortnight, two weeks in which the Doctor Who Companion celebrates Christmas… in an unusual way.

From today – that’s 19th December – to 1st January 2017, we’re bringing you brand-new unofficial fiction from the world of Doctor Who, one a day. Each main incarnation of your favourite Time Lord will be featured across bite-sized Christmas vignettes. This is a chance for our writers to break out of their typical factual confines, flexing their creative muscles. It’s a bit of a treat – for us and, hopefully, for you too.

The thing is, we’re very proud of our writers. They’re a fantastic bunch: among their number is Tony Jones, who has written a few adventures for Big Finish; Jeremy Remy, writer for The Temporal Logbook; and Christian Cawley, former editor of Kasterborous and prolific podcaster. That’s a small selection. We cherish each and every one of them.

They were given tough briefs too. Tell a festive story – in around 1,000 words. Naturally, they haven’t let us down.

A special mention must go to James Lomond, who has been in charge of organising this project, and he’s been doing a sterling job. He’s been enthusiastic and attentive, working out a good schedule, giving thorough feedback to polish every tale into the best it possibly can be, and juggling roughly 30 balls in the air at one time. Seriously, this task has been immense and James has knocked it out of the park.

Talking about knocking it out of the park… Keep an eye out for beautiful main images, created by the fantastic talent that is Richard Forbes. He’s pored over the stories and worked out compositions for them, checking in with the DWC’s editorial staff and making sure everything’s on time. You’ll love his work. He’s also written a great tale featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, so keep an eye out for that.

Festive Fortnight starts today, and continues for – guess what! – two weeks. Obviously, we’ll continue giving you all the news and reviews you’ve come to expect, but think of this as the cherry on top.

Come back later to see what the First Doctor makes of this so-called Christmas spirit, in a wonderful short by Peter Shaw…