Merry Christmas from The Doctor Who Companion!

Merry Christmas, one and all!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. There’s always something in the air. And it’s The Doctor Who Companion’s first Christmas, which feels extra special.

This time last year was strange. As many of you know, the vast majority of DWC staff were contributing to another Doctor Who site, but it had fallen from its graces (through no fault of our own), and we were left with very little. That feeling of togetherness was still there, but something wasn’t right. When the DWC was formed in March 2016, we got that back – at least, that’s what I hope, and what it feels like to me.

I want to thank Andy for founding the DWC with me. It’s a pleasure. It really is.

Okay, sometimes, it’s hard, and you have to fit in more hours to each day just to keep up, but then again, it’s incredible to be able to speak to so many like-minded fans, to have that support, to have that community. To have you. Thank you for coming to the DWC, whether you’re a daily visitor, or you’ve just discovered us.

I also want to thank all our contributors. They’re all brilliant, and we’re lucky to have them. We’ve a stunning team, including amazing editors, brilliant reviewers, superb feature-writers, and sublime news-writers.

Yes, this is Christmas, so I’m allowed to get all mushy. Expect a lot more mush in 2017, as well as your usual mix of Doctor Who goodness.

And so it leaves me to say, with festive lights bright: Merry Christmas to all – and to all, a good night!