Why Was the Doctor Who Companion Down Today?

Phew. What a day.

You might’ve visited the DWC this morning and been aghast to see that it wouldn’t load. Needless to say, contributors were shocked too. As were Andy and I. You’ll notice that we’re back – but normal order isn’t quite yet resumed. In fact, might’ve briefly noted that we seemed to have skipped a week. Okay, so what happened?

It initially appeared that one of the behind-the-scenes magubbins was faulty, causing our hosting site to suspend the DWC account. Said host then completely washed its hands of us, which was helpful. We got no advice from them, meaning we had to scramble about, trying to pick up the pieces – and completely unable to even log in. Yes, even the admin pages were off-limits. It left myself to panic, and Andy to actually do something useful and fix everything. Things looked bleak. It was even more of a concern as the back-up and security scan this morning didn’t pick up any problems — ah, bingo! The back-ups…

The idea was to restore a back-up, but we feared this morning’s might’ve contained the error that got the DWC suspended. That meant we had to restore last week’s back-up… which was, of course, 7 days old.

After that, we contacted the hosting site, who agreed to reinstate us. That wasn’t the end of it, however.

We began manually restoring every article published since the last restore. It took a while, and we didn’t get to the end of it. Andy set to installing systems to make sure the troubles wouldn’t occur again. But what was actually wrong? The scans were fine. That must’ve meant the back-up from this morning was fine too. Unfortunately, that proved problematic too, leaving the DWC a week behind again, even with some images bizarrely missing.

And so the mission continued: manually retrieving as many pieces as we could and republishing them as they should’ve gone up originally. It’s taken a lot of time, and meant decreased output otherwise. Apologies to followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook for batches of repeated articles posting on feeds and timelines. It’s been a nightmare, but we’re nearly there now.

It’s sadly also meant a few broken links, and, most annoyingly, your comments vanishing. Some likely still exist, and that’s just a quirk of Disqus, but this is probably where you’ll find broken links.

Thanks to all our readers for keeping the faith. It really is appreciated, and we hope to have things running smoothly again imminently.

Phew. I remember when Boxing Day wasn’t at all stressful…

  • bar humbug

    Well done Phil; don’t worry, we guessed it was something like that. I must admit I’m surprised to find it up and running properly again so soon.
    I wish you a glitch-free New Year, and some time off to make up for the boxing day hassle.

    • Philip

      Thanks, bar 🙂 Appreciate it. To be honest, I’m surprised too 😉

  • Robin Bland

    Welcome back! Sorry to hear about all the stress. Missed you, but hey, we’re still here and we’ll still *be* here. What Bar Humbug said – here’s to a problem-free new year!

    • Philip

      Thanks Robin – appreciate the sentiments. Happy New Year 🙂

  • Ranger

    Oh wow! What a time for it to happen as well. Hope your Xmas break wasn’t too disrupted and you and Andy got to have a few beakers of festive brew. Thanks to both of you for your brilliant efforts in getting the site back up and running so quickly.

    • Philip

      Heh – tell us about it. Nightmare. Ah well, worse things happen at sea, or so I hear. Happy New Year, Ranger!