Confirmed: Full Writing Line-Up For Doctor Who Series 10!

The full list of writers in the upcoming series of Doctor Who 10 has just been confirmed, and while the names have been rumoured for some time, it’s a pretty pleasing line-up!

This is Steven Moffat’s last full season as showrunner, and he’s due to write four episodes, plus the 2017 Christmas special. We already knew the scribes for the vast majority of the serials; it was up to Doctor Who: The Fan Show to let slip the writers for episodes 6 and 7. Presenter, Christel Dee confirmed the pair would be authored by Moffat and Peter Harness.

Here’s what’s coming up in Series 10:

Episode 1, A Star in Her Eye – Written by Steven Moffat; directed by Lawrence Gough.

Episode 2 – Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce; directed by Lawrence Gough.

Episode 3 – Written by Sarah Dollard; directed by Bill Anderson.

Episode 4, The Haunted Hub – Written by Mike Bartlett; directed by Bill Anderson.

Episode 5 – Written by Jamie Mathieson; directed by Charles Palmer.

Episode 6, Extremis [TBC] – Likely written by Steven Moffat; directed by Daniel Nettheim.

Episode 7 – Likely written by Peter Harness; directed by Daniel Nettheim.

Episode 8 – Written by Toby Whithouse; directed by Wayne Yip.

Episode 9, Eaters of Light – Written by Rona Munro; directed by Charles Palmer.

Episode 10 – Written by Mark Gatiss; directed by Wayne Yip.

Episode 11 – Written by Steven Moffat; director TBC.

Episode 12 – Written by Steven Moffat; directed TBC.

Rachel Talalay is expected to return for the last two episodes.

Also, it seems that there’ll only be one two-part adventure, similar to the structure of Series 8 – unless, that is, Episode 6 and 7 are co-written by Moffat and Harness, just as with The Zygon Inversion. Rumour has it that Extremis (or whatever it’s finally called) takes place at CERN, Geneva. Hmm, a tale set around the Large Hadron Collider really would be something unusual…

There’s a lot of buzz round this run of stories, so let’s hope they knock it out of the park. It certainly stands a great chance with names like Toby Whithouse, Jamie Mathieson, and Rona Munro working on the show.

What do you think of the line-up? Whose are you most excited for? (Toby Whithouse for me – one of my absolute favourite writers. Mike Bartlett’s should be amazing too.) Any names you would’ve liked see added? (Neil Cross for me. And Sally Wainwright!)

  • bar’s secret brother

    Given how soon the show will be back, this seems like a tiny trickle of information. I’d like a countdown campaign before the re-launch like 2005.
    but I don’t want them to flaunt all the best bits and give everything away in ‘next week on’ trailers.
    so I’m being typically impossible to please today!
    Glad there are some female writers though. Looking forward to it.

    Oh, and the home page still isn’t automatically refreshing.

    • Peter Rabytt

      Yes I noticed that its not refreshing, thanks for raising it.

      • Philip

        Sorry folks; we’re trying to sort it, but we’re worried that what we might need to do could cause the site to go down again, a la Boxing Day, and that work will be lost. The best thing to do right now is making sure you have the ‘s’ in ‘https’; you stand a better chance of seeing new articles when they go up. We’re doing two a day at the moment (regardless of the lack of news), so keep ’em peeled 🙂

        • bar’s secret brother

          you could always make up some alternative news… 😉

  • ᴰʳ•ᴹᵒᵒ

    That’s a damn good lineup, one of the best in years.

  • Peter Rabytt

    Didn’t mean to add to your pressures Phillip. It’s no big problem from the perspective of a user of DWC, you just need to remember to refresh. Hope it doesn’t become too much of a headache for you guys. Computers drive me mad on a regular basis…..but that’s because they all have a personal vendetta against me. Not that I’m paranoid or anything………

    • Philip

      No, not at all, Peter; it’s something we need to sort anyway. 🙂

      • Peter Rabytt

        What going on with DWC Philip? I can’t get it to work today and couldn’t get it yesterday either 🙁 Hope its fixable

    • bar’s secret brother

      You don’t need to worry ’til they start humming Wagner…

  • Shakes’ favourite Pooch Poo.

    Nice to see Harness back.

    Gatiss on the other hand….

  • TimeChaser

    I’m definitely looking forward to Rona Munro’s return, as I am a big fan of the latter McCoy stories. And now that it’s been announced that the Ice Warriors are returning, I have slightly more confidence in Mark Gatiss’s return. Cold War was one of his few good episodes, in my opinion, and more Ice Warriors are always a good thing.