Steven Moffat: Peter Capaldi “Came Close to Staying”

Current showrunner, Steven Moffat has confirmed what many of us thought: the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, came close to staying on Doctor Who beyond Moffat departing the series.

It was confirmed at the end of last month that Capaldi would join Steven in leaving the show this Christmas, with his final episode expected to air on 25th December 2017. But the next showrunner, Chris Chibnall (42; Dinosaurs on a Spaceship) apparently nearly convinced him to stay. Moffat said:

“It took Peter a long time to make up his mind. Chris tried to persuade him to stay. I knew it was a possibility that he’d leave because Doctors tend to do three years. I thought that he might want to opt out, rather than go through the trauma of a change in command and maybe leaving a year later anyway. But I think he came close to staying.”

Sadly, it was not to be, meaning the show gets, effectively, a reset in 2018, presumably akin to Spearhead from Space, Rose, and The Eleventh Hour. We’re yet to find out whether companion, Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie, or Matt Lucas’ Nardole continue their travels in the TARDIS.

So is Moffat looking forward to watching the show again after his tenure is over? He goes on:

“I think the old fanboy instinct will kick in and I’ll just go back to enjoying it. Chris is a wonderful writer and I love what he does. I think he will be different. That’s what will lift me out of any moments of horror that it’s carrying on without me. It’ll be different and it’ll be exciting.”

Fandom seems divided about how Chibnall’s reign will pan out, but we’ll just have to wait and see – and let’s try to remain positive, eh?

Do you wish Capaldi had stayed on? Or should Chris’ era be a fresh break?

  • TimeChaser

    I love Peter’s Doctor, and I definitely put myself in the camp of fans who would have loved for him to buck the “3-years” trend and stay on one more season. Alas, it was not to be, so I’ll do my best to enjoy the time we have left with our beloved, irascible Scottish Doctor.

    • bar is in-console-able

      I’ll second that TimeChaser. Am still holding out for Capaldi on BF. With Frobisher 🙂

      • FrancoPabloDiablo

        Which Frobisher though?

        • bar is in-console-able

          I think John Frobisher was fantastically well-played, but would be too mind-twisting alongside 12. so I’ll stick to the Big Talking Bird. halfway through s 10 Nardole turns out to be a penguin…

          • FrancoPabloDiablo

            The Holy Terror and The Maltese Penguin are two of my all time favourite audios. Why the hell have BF never made another Frobisher story since? Robert Jezek was great in both. ALL HAIL FROBISHER! ALL HAIL THE BIG TALKING BIRD!

  • kwijino

    Can’t say I blame him though. Probably good that they gave Moffatt time write this season, but a year without the Doctor is just odd.

    Oh, I was at Gallifrey One last weekend, and Anneke Wills announced there will be another fully animated story! She couldn’t say which one, but we get another one!

    • Philip

      Ooh, that’s interesting! Thanks for that info – we’ll see if we can dig up anything else. Anneke is a great force for fandom!

      • kwijino

        Here’s the full writeup I did on Gallifrey Base. I’m Rick from the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles. The newsletter I’ve been doing has been on hold for a bit. Life has just been too hectic and there’s little Who news these days compared to years past:

        Before the convention, everyone was afraid Lalla was going to be a bad
        con guest, based on some experiences people had with her in the early
        80s. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She was warm and
        friendly, and set the record straight about her and Tom. They are not
        deadly enemies. She just married too early and for the wrong reasons, so
        the marriage ended. She says they do keep in touch and are friends
        these days. She also spoke of the charity she’s involved with, Denville
        Hall. The charity helps the elderly in England. From those who saw her
        speak, it was clear that it was something dear to her heart, and the
        Charity Auction raised over $18,000 for her. At the end of the show, she
        told Shaun she definitely wants to come back.

        The main guest was Paul McGann, who I only got to see at a panel that
        related Doctor Who to David Bowie. Turns out Bowie was asked to be the
        Master in the TVM, but he was touring at the time and couldn’t do it.
        Katie Manning was at the panel as well, and she was lots of fun.

        Anneke Wills talked about her time on Who, and the joy of seeing the
        animation, and was pleased to be able to announce that The Power of the
        Daleks sold well enough the BBC has commissioned another story to be
        animated the same way. Which story? Dunno. She wasn’t cleared to tell us
        that, but it was good to know that Power was a successful venture.

        My favorite moment was in the dealer’s room. Mat Irvine brought K9 with
        him. Yes, the real K9. The hero prop that has been K9 since the
        beginning. I got to see the innards, and while I promised not to touch
        him, Mat just started slapping him and “Touch him all you want. It’s
        fine. Just leave the tail alone because it breaks off if you look at it
        funny.” The hero prop has an on/off switch near the rear handle, and the
        handles are structurally practical. They can be used to lift the dog.
        The “bumpers” on the bottom aren’t foam like I thought, just wood
        molding that’s been painted black. Mat gave a panel showing every time
        the dog has appeared, and said he’s rebuilt the innards twice so far.

        John Leeson was also there, so they had a panel in the main room talking
        about the metal mutt. John was also part of a Big Finish Gallifrey
        panel, which was Lalla, Louise Jameson, John and Prentiss Hancock.
        During the panel, they got an okay from Jason Haigh Ellery to do a new
        series of the show.

        Our table, the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, hosted Farsight Studios,
        who created the Pinball Arcade, which makes fully licensed pinball
        tables in the virtual space. They have done Addams Family, Elvira, Star
        Trek, and Terminator tables, and with help from other guests at Gally,
        got the licensing rights to do the 1993 Bally pinball table of Doctor
        Who. It had all the Classic series Doctors on it, and was voiced by
        Sylvester McCoy. With those rights they got the chance to a remake with
        all the Doctors from McGann to Capaldi. The remake table got original
        dialogue from Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez. They brought a computer
        so people could play the table, and gave the 1993 virtual table away to
        everyone who stopped by via a code. It was great.

        There was also a lot of real science from JPL scientists at the con, and
        Sunday morning, two ladies who work on the Mars Rover program got to
        desconstruct Waters of Mars and tell us how it was a fun drama but there
        was practically no science in it. No space station with limited Oxygen
        would have ceilings that high, the crater it filled is actually about a
        hundred miles wide so the station as presented had some real scale
        issues, and when the ship blew up, they had to point out that no matter
        how it’s presented here and in Star Trek, metal beams don’t catch fire.
        You know, because they are metal. Oh, and if little green men took over
        the Mars Rover, they would be thrilled to see em! Not panicked in the

        Cosplayers included the ambassador from Alpha Centauri, a great Davros,
        and the first cosplayer I’ve seen doing Bill, the new companion.

        Since it was mostly classic companions, (Katy, Lalla, Anneke, Fraser,
        Peter Purves, McGann, Daphne Ashbrook), there was no real news about the
        new show. It will be back in the spring, we get the Christmas Special,
        and then another series with a new Doctor in fall 2018.

    • bar is in-console-able

      Macra Terror please – it would suit the animated look. And if they colour it as they did Power, it would fit the holiday camp setting.

      • TimeChaser

        I’d love Macra Terror as well, but since they had such success with Power, I would say it’s a strong possibility they would do Evil of the Daleks as well. Then again, if Anneke knows about it, that may point toward one she’s in, like Macra.

    • Rick714

      I’m hoping for Marco Polo….

  • Rick714

    It irritates me that he says “…since the Doctors tend to do three years.”. Really, Steven? I guarantee that if the BBC didn’t take a whole year off every three years, either Tennant, Smith and/or Capaldi would have stayed for *four* years. Stop wasting so much of everyone’s time, BBC. Especially the actors who want to *work*, not sit around while you guys drag your heels.

    Mind you, I obviously don’t blame Capaldi or the past two Doctors—I’m sure any one of them would have been happy to work the extra season during the dead time.

  • Dr. Moo

    Frustrating to see how close the latest contender for Best Doctor Ever came to sticking around. Pleasing however that Chibnall pursued him to stay. Let’s hope he switches focus to keeping Pearl now?

    • TimeChaser

      I’m with you, Moo. I don’t think I want the whole “clean slate” yet again right now. Keeping Pearl would be a nice bit of continuity through the change-over. It would be silly to introduce her then just take her out after only one season. *mopes over Donna*

  • Rose Paul

    I was hoping he’d stay. I really love him as the Doctor. I’ll try not to sound too Fangirl (or in my case, Fanwoman) here, but I at first appreciated the fact that the 12th Doctor was someone my age. Mainly because as cute as Matt, David & Christopher might have been, they were too young for me. If I ever had met one of them would have felt it my duty to straighten their ties or pinch their cheeks or setting similar. I would have been too embarrassed to have their posters or memorabilia in my home or office.
    I watched Peter Capaldi in Local Hero when it first came out and I thought, wow, he’s such a shy cutie. Fast forward 30+ years and he has only gotten better with age (Why didn’t I?). He is more in control of his acting, steals nearly every scene that he is in.
    He makes a very powerful Doctor! I can’t imagine anyone else being able to bring his presence to the show.
    Besides that, he is my guilty thrill. I am a 56 yr old Fangirl/woman, there’s something I would have never considered myself, ever! I have watched DW since the Tom Baker years when the only way I could watch it was on PBS, and I have never been this, um, happy over any of the other Doctors! My grandkids thinks I have a crush on #12, and they are right!
    How embarrassing!