The Doctor and Bill Save London From An Alien Invasion!

Alien forces are amassing underground! The Earth has torn itself apart, crumbling underfoot to reveal a horde of deadly foes the likes of which we’ve never…oh hang on, put down the weapons, it’s just a very impressive 3D sketch! And it’s cropping up all over the world!

Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie took to London’s South Bank on Wednesday to promote the return of Doctor Who this Saturday with a spectacular piece of 3D artwork.

The piece by 3D Joe & Max depicts a vast alien landscape deep and magnificent alien landscape with the Doctor and Bill on hand to pose on the precipice with the TARDIS by the River Thames.

There’s also a time lapse of the artwork coming to life – the whole piece took a total of ten days to complete and looks phenomenal.

What’s more, the artists and Steven Moffat were on hand to discuss what we’ve got to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Then on Thursday, the same configuration of alien foes appeared in Sydney at the Circular Quay.  It’s a pincer move! We’re surrounded! No, wait a moment. It’s just fiction. Put down the ray gun…okay the kitchen roll tube masquerading as a ray gun…pew, pew…

Here’s a gallery of Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie in London, standing perilously close to the edge!

Doctor Who returns on Saturday, April 15 with The Pilot, on BBC One at 7.20pm. 

  • krumstets

    I saw this on my way to work in the morning. I even had a brief chat with Steven Moffat. Crikey! That was a surprise. I posted a few pics on IG. But no selfie with Moffat.. :[

    • Philip

      What was Moffat like? There was a nice interview with him on BBC Breakfast, even if they did spell his name wrong…

      • krumstets

        He was very nice. It was early in the morning & as this came out of the blue I didn’t know what to say… I wish had stayed a bit longer to see Capaldi & Mackie..

        • Ranger

          I’m so jealous! I work opposite the Commons and had no idea!