What Did You Think of Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light?

Tonight’s Doctor Who found us in Aberdeenshire, with the ninth legion of the Roman Army, talking crows, and plenty o’Picts.

This was a chance for the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) to show off, determined to prove Bill’s (Pearl Mackie) theory about the Romans’ disappearance wrong. That’s when they find an interdimensional temporal rift, a shady monster, and… well, death by Scotland. But don’t worry! The Doctor’s lived in Roman Britain – he knows the score. He’s governed, farmed, juggled, been a vestal virgin – second class. (It’s a long story.)

And what a story it was! This was Rona Munro’s second episode, after Survival, making her the first Classic writer to have also written for the 2005- present revival. But what did you think, dear reader? How about scoring it between 1 and 5? No, too boring? Okay, so how about scoring it between 1 and 5, but with snazzier options instead? You’re in, aren’t you?

Voted? Great, cheers. But we want more, more, more. In the comments below, let us know your expanded thoughts, and we’ll collate them in a future edition of Sonic Feedback.

Was it better or worse than Survival? Was it overshadowed by the imminent finale? And would you like Munro to return for Series 11…?