The Master, Missy, and the Cybermen in The Doctor Falls Gallery!

There’s just one episode left of Doctor Who Series 10, and while we’re not looking forward to its end, we also can’t wait to see more of the Twelfth Doctor’s battle with the Master, Missy, and the Cybermen.

What can we expect from The Doctor Falls? The synopsis doesn’t prove especially helpful on that front:

The Mondasian Cybermen are on the rise. It’s time for the Doctor’s final battle…

Fortunately, we’ve also been treated to a very limited number of publicity shots featuring Peter Capaldi, John Simm, and Michelle Gomez, but no Pearl Mackie. Will her fate be reversed? Or is this it for the lovely Bill Potts? There’s only one way to find out.

Are those Mondasian Cybermen… flying?

The Doctor Falls – the penultimate episode written by showrunner, Steven Moffat, and directed by Rachel Talalay – airs on BBC One this Saturday at 6:30pm. And don’t forget, it’s an hour-long special!

  • Christian Cawley

    “Step in time step in time come on Cybers step in time! It’s the Master step in time, it’s the Master step in time…”

    • bar, justholdingon

      ‘They’re marching to a faster pace; watch out! Here comes the Master race…’

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    Oh jeez, that isn’t the Mondasian Cybermen shooting into the air Death In Heaven style is it? Hoped beyond hope we’d left all that nonsense behind us just like the faster-than-light Nightmare abominations!

    • Dr. Moo-ondasian

      Personally, I’ve never seen the problem with Cybermen flying. But I hope the original Mondasian ones don’t gain that ability here because it’s a continuity error if they can. Only the NiS variants should be able to do that!

      Let’s hope the Mondasians are using equipment like a jetpack, or something. Justify the fact they can do that here despite not showing that ability until the most recent redesign. The fact that said redesign is in the episode might be a workaround…

      • bar, justholdingon

        Yes, jetpack has so much more playground potential. even Blue Peter could make one with a bit of sticky-backed plastic and an old egg carton…

  • Dr. Moo-ondasian

    Those outdoor shots are giving me The Day of the Doctor flashbacks, which is never a bad thing.