Rubbertoe Replicas Unveil Dematerialisation Circuit Replica from The Doctor Falls

We all know the importance of a Dematerialisation Circuit: the Third Doctor took a considerable amount of time trying to leave Earth after the Time Lords grounded him, stealing the circuit and his knowledge of time travel. He stole the Master’s, even, but couldn’t install it into his TARDIS. Fast forward quite a few years, and this important component also hindered John Simm’s Master: in The Doctor Falls, it had burnt out when he tried to escape the Mondasian ship heading forwards the black hole.

Fortunately, remembering the exact problem, Missy (Michelle Gomez) had a spare.

Rubbertoe Replicas has just revealed a replica of the Dematerialisation Circuit, as seen in the Series 10 finale!

The most recent circuit, as you might’ve noticed when it was held up by Missy, is slightly smaller than the ones glimpsed in Terror of the Autons and The Three Doctors; however, this is screen-accurate to The Doctor Falls, coming in at 1:1 scale and made from the same materials as the one that was seen in the episode. The replica is by Doctor Who prop maker, Alun Hardy, and consists of resin (the main body and four discs), pearl beads, and copper wire – all added, and painted, by hand, meaning this small component is built from 29 separate pieces.

As well as coming in a Rubbertoe Replicas official gift box, there’s a display stand included for presentation, etched with Gallifreyan and the prop’s title.

Rubbertoe’s products are always of the finest detail, so we heartily recommend getting your hands on this lovely piece of memorabilia!

The Series 10 Dematerialisation Circuit is available now, for £109.95, plus postage and packaging.

  • Peter Rabytt

    But does it work?

    • bar none but PC

      That depends on whether it is a replica of the Master’s, burnt out by the black hole, or Missy’s spare. It’s Schroedinger’s circuit – you have to install it in your TARDIS it to see! Plus you need Time Lord knowledge of time-travel to make it work, even if it does work, … so, maybe.

    • Philip

      Oh it absolutely works. As long as you’ve mastered interdimensional temporal quantum engineering.

  • krumstets

    Put it on your mantlepiece to show to visitors & wonder why they never came to visit again.

    • bar none but PC

      Brilliant! Someone must buy these things or they wouldn’t make them, but I’ve never met anyone rich enough to. Obsessed enough, maybe, but rich enough, no. Blue Peter used to show you how to make your own for tuppence.