Is It 13 O’Clock Yet?: Counting the Days Between Announcements

Gosh! I am writing shortly after Peter Capaldi has filmed his last scenes as the Twelfth Doctor at the Roath Lock studios in Cardiff. At times such as this, when we know that he’s leaving and that he made the announcement he was leaving nearly 7 months ago, we get ever more impatient for news of his replacement. Not that we want him to go, but we must always look to the future and we NEED to start criticising the replacement choice as soon as possible so we can get maximum moaning done. Not really! We’re just excited and keen for news!

So the BBC has sat down and researched just how long the interminable gap has been between one incumbent announcing their departure and the next one being announced for all his previous regenerations (bar the War Doctor because that’s a bit too tricky to fathom). It’s a well-researched piece with some assumptions having to be made at times – such as Paul McGann being replaced by Christopher Eccleston. McGann never actually got the chance to quit the role, so they took the time from the announcement of the show’s return to the naming of Eccleston as their timeframe for this one (178 days).

The longest gap in the show’s history that matches the circumstances now (that is, with the show currently active and not on a hiatus of any sort) would be from the Second to the Third Doctor. Patrick Troughton announced his departure on 7th January 1969, but when his regeneration story aired at the end of Season 6, there was still no news on his replacement and we didn’t see Jon Pertwee on screen until the start of Season 7, although his appointment was announced on 17th June 1969. That makes it 161 days between announcements.

We are now on day 163 after Capaldi’s announcement. Time is ticking, Mr Chibnall! The regeneration must have been filmed now so tell us who’s Who! Okay, so maybe only half the regeneration has been shot, ie. the bit with Capaldi. I’m still quite keen on either Kris Marshall (who I’ve seen described as a “safe choice”) or Andrew Lee Potts (an experienced time traveller, having served time on ITV’s epoch-hopping Primeval series). Here, in this picture, we see Andrew as The Doctor outside a revamped TARDIS with his new companion…

… Maybe?

I’m assuming it’ll be Chibbers making the announcement as I believe it is he who is in charge of said scene. The news is expected to break very soon now with filming wrapped. Furthermore, August 2013 was when Capaldi was revealed in a rather shonky special broadcast which roped in a totally unrelated and uninterested boy band whose name I forget and have no desire to look up. Will we get another special show like that? I hope not. Let’s just have a news brief with some publicity shots, like in the good old days!

I think I used the word “announcement” far too much now!

So, fellow companions, what do you think? Who and when???

  • Peter Rabytt

    I both can’t wait to know and don’t want to know until we see it on screen! But as they will never keep it under wraps, I guess I just want to know! I reckon they will announce it fairly soon rather than let it escape out as a leak, as it inevitably would pretty soon…..

  • The Lazy Womble

    Until recently I was enjoying the fact that they have managed to keep it secret. Now I am bored and want to know who it is. My choice would be either: Kris Marshall, Andrew Buchan or Amanda Abbington.

  • Rick714

    Yeah, might be best to announce it now so we’re able to digest ….although come to think of it, I’m sure that they’re probably committed to having to do a whole new tv special now every time to announce it….

  • daft

    So, a news story literally about no news 😉 I get the feeling after the last story where they inserted a scene filmed two weeks before the broadcast, they might have thought on that the tardis interior is a standing set, so why not just do the same two weeks before Xmas to help keep it under wraps. 🙂

    • Jamie McCrimmon

      Chibnell has already confirmed that his first series starts filming in November 2017 so there’s no chance of a surprise new Doctor reveal on Christmas day unfortunately.

    • Philip

      Otherwise, we were just gonna post a picture of someone tapping their watch and shaking their head.

      • daft

        LOL! How do you think the editors of DWM felt between 1996-2005? ;D Time to fire up that extensive 12 part unfolding article about the legacy of Matthew Waterhouse on the show. 🙂

      • daft

        Well, if DWC really stood by ‘investigative journalistic principles’, someone would sleep with Andy Pryor, and take one for the team to find out. ;D

        • Philip

          I’ll pass your message onto the News Team, see if any of them are Method enough 😉

  • kwijino

    I could be completely wrong, but maybe they will have Chibnall show up and the new Doctor at the San Diego Comic Con. Certainly would be a big enough and interested crowd.

  • bar none but PC

    I don’t watch wimbledon so will avoid the big announcement, but how long can I stick my fingers in my ears and spurn WHO news? I’d have so liked a proper surprise.