The Thirteenth Doctor Will Be Announced This Sunday

The Thirteenth Doctor will be announced this Sunday 16th July straight after the Wimbledon Men’s Final.

In an epic thirteen-themed trailer where the number appears in various locations around the country and features a seemingly significant key (it could just be the TARDIS key or a portent for narratives to come), the BBC announced that the big reveal would take place after the final, which starts at 2pm on BBC1 and is expected to last between 2 to 3 hours – although the match could run up to 18:30 when coverage switches to BBC Two (so keep an eye on the score!)

The identity of who will replace Peter Capaldi, who will depart at the end of this year’s Christmas Special, is under wraps and been a source of heavy speculation for months with Tilda Swinton, Kris Marshall and Phoebe Waller-Bridge all previously rumoured to be taking on the coveted role.

The special will also see the departure of showrunner Steven Moffat, who will hand the reins over to Chris Chibnall, and feature the First Doctor, played by David Bradley, and the departing Twelfth Doctor together.

So to recap, get ready to meet the thirteenth Doctor after the Wimbledon men’s final Sunday 16th July.

Doctor Who will return this Christmas.

  • DonnaWho?

    I cannot believe no one has commented yet! I have been hoping (and to be honest, dreading ) to hear this news for MONTHS, ever since Peter announced his upcoming departure. So…
    fellow Whovians, time to take a DEEP BREATH and prepare to face the future. I think we will be ok.

    • daft

      It’s rather unfair on the actor, but if it’s Kris Marshall after being rumoured for so long, it will seem like a let down.

      • The Lazy Womble

        I am hoping it is Kris Marshall. I am also hoping he plays against type and creates a different persona.

      • krumstets

        I will feel disappointed if it is Kris. But saying that, whoever gets the job needs to be given time to show us our fears were misplaced.

        • daft

          Well, Kris as a choice feels a little bit uninspired, if the rumours of Beeb Executives wanting another Tennant-style Doctor are true. Much like Tennant, he’s less an actor’s actor and more of a personality – we’ve had both in the role, its not a problem either way. I’d hope we don’t get 10th Lite in the scripting, even if Kris would be quite capable of doing that. We’ll see. 🙂

  • daft

    Oh god, I hope my Miranda Hart for #13 campaign hasn’t been taken seriously by Upper Boatmen. 😉

  • Namnoot

    I’m more concerned about what fandom reaction is going to be more than the actual identity because I think fans have primed themselves for outrage regardless who is chosen. I only wish I actually liked any of the so-called “frontrunners”. So far none of them are inspiring me to stick around past Christmas.

    • Turdformers 6: Age of Dog Mess

      Agreed on both counts. I’m staying offline for a week after Sunday.

      • daft

        Well, with elements of nu and old fandom setting out their stall about social justice and tradition, its going to be an unnecessarily divisive choice either way, and quickly get ugly. Most of us are just hoping for the best actor available *sigh*. You’d think the announcement would be an attempt at damage limitation – of letting tiresome speculation drag on for more months – but its probably just a marketeer’s idea of a critical time to push the marketing barrow forward in the fallow period off screen.

        • The Lazy Womble

          or they are filming the end of the regeneration on Monday?

        • The Lazy Womble

          There are rumours of an exclusive preview of the special at SDCC next weekend. Imagine the uproar if the identity of Unlucky For Some were revealed there ahead of in the UK. It would be the Five Doctors all over again 😉

          • daft

            Yeah, that makes sense, I’d forgot everything in geek fandom revolves around the Comic-Con schedule these days. Some UKers will inevitably cry foul about the US fans getting exclusives, but in these uncertain times regarding Beeb in-house productions status, it’s probably canny to keep the Beeb America co-production ball in the air. 🙂

      • Philip

        We’re aiming to be as calm and optimistic as possible on the DWC 🙂

        • daft

          Thankfully posters (and staff) here have been adult about such things, just imagine being a moderator over at GallifreyBase Sunday night. 8-P

  • Dr. Moo (cow)

    I hope for someone good. That’s literally my one request.

    • The Lazy Womble

      I have one other request too: that they write well for whoever it is.

  • The Lazy Womble

    The programme scheduled to follow the Men’s Final is the BBC News…

  • daft

    By golly, fans are going to agog when Peter Cushing CGI (as realized Guy Henry) is announced as the 13th Doctor on Sunday. ;D

    • The Lazy Womble

      Now that WOULD be a different incarnation

  • bar none but PC

    “who will replace Peter Capaldi,” – no-one. Someone will succeed him. Sob.

  • Rick714

    This is really when it’s a huge advantage being an American fan. We’re far more generous regarding brand new Doctors because we usually don’t know most of actors nor any of the past baggage they carry. It’s easier when the new guy is a clean slate and we don’t have any preconceived notions. Capaldi is really the only one I had prior knowledge of and it was all fantastic.

    • krumstets

      I think whoever gets the job regardless should be given a chance to prove themselves.
      When Tom Baker got the part he was working on a construction site in Pimlico. Nobody had heard of him. Look how that turned out.

  • Ranger

    Bugger. If it’s not bad enough I’m going to be in a car travelling to the West Country and missing Roger Federer, I’m now going to miss the 13th Doctor announcement. Who needs bleeding holidays?!

  • daft

    If I was the incoming showrunner, I’d have prepared a fake regeneration scene with either Jeremy Clarkson, Katie Hopkins, Danny Baker or Chris Evans as the 13th Doctor and leaked it to a fan site right about now. 😀

  • krumstets

    All the female actors I have seen mentioned in the press would be very interesting.
    However I can’t say that about all the male actors mentioned.
    Oh well, time will tell..