Out in Time for Christmas: The Doctor Who Audio Annual

We all love getting annuals at Christmas, right? Oh sure, you’ll say you’re too old for them, but I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t welcome the latest Rupert the Bear, Beano, or, yes, Doctor Who.

Mind you, Doctor Who annuals have a shaky history – many of them felt rushed out, with creators barely having watched the source material at all! And that’s without talking about the artistic depictions…

But this year, alongside the standard Peter Capaldi-front annual, there’s a new twist on an old favourite: The Doctor Who Audio Annual.

For the first time on audio, Peter Purves (Steven), Anneke Wills (Polly), Geoffrey Beevers (the Master), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), and Nicola Bryant (Peri) read a selection of the eclectic tales originally published from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.

Here’s the synopsis for the CD:

In The Sons of Grekk, the First Doctor is held prisoner in a brutal, otherworldly society. The King of Golden Death finds that the Second Doctor, Polly, and Ben have materialised inside an Ancient Egyptian pyramid. The Third Doctor, Jo, and the Brigadier confront a familiar adversary in Dark Intruders, whilst in Conundrum, the Fourth Doctor, Adric, and K9 experience warped physics in the corridors of the TARDIS. Facing The Penalty, a delirious Fifth Doctor finds old friends and adversaries ganging up on him, and the Sixth Doctor and Peri plunge into a dangerous period of British history in The Real Hereward.

Also included are two vintage essays on the character of our favourite Time Lord: Who is Doctor Who? from 1966 and The Phoenix in the TARDIS from 1968.

Take a nostalgic journey through time with these vintage Doctor Who tales.

The Sons of Grekk first appeared in the second ever annual, published in 1966, under the name, The Doctor Who Annual 1967The King of Golden Death the following year; Dark Intruders in 1972’s The Doctor Who Annual 1973Conundrum in Doctor Who Annual 1982 (released in 1981); 1982’s Doctor Who Annual 1983 featured The Penalty; and the pure historical, Real Hereward was included in Doctor Who Annual 1985 (published 1984).

All in all, a nice selection of stories, and great to see BBC Audio trying out a new idea.

The Doctor Who Audio Annual is released on 7th December 2017.

  • bar none but PC

    ‘It’s great to see the BBC trying out a new idea’ based on classic Who not just recent Doctors. They believe there’s an interest.
    And if anyone’s heard BF’s The Companion Chronicles, they’ll understand why. These actors’ love for the show comes through every line.
    Frazer Hines’ second Doctor is brilliant too.

    • daft

      Yeah, I’d much prefer the Beeb to concentrate upon completing the Target series than dredging up dodgy annual stories done by random writers. Stepping back a little, it’s good to see one arm of the Beeb trying to sell any old tat to ‘the fans’ and the other one patronizing them. 😉

  • Rick714

    It is KILLING me that I can’t remember the name of the brilliant artist who did that cover art. He also drew the—AH!–Chris Sprouse. Came to me as I was typing. I could be wrong but from the small vignettes of the Doctors, I’m fairly sure it’s him. Either way, fantastic work.

    • Philip

      Thanks Rick; I wasn’t sure who it was. The TARDIS looks to be one of those comic strip-style ones by Mike Collins used by the Beeb a couple of years ago, but the Doctors didn’t look like his work at all. Looks great nonetheless!