Freema Agyeman is Happy to Return to Doctor Who

Freema Agyeman, who played Martha Jones from 2007, says “never say never” to a return to Doctor Who.

The actress, currently making her West End debut in Apologia, was asked whether she could come back to the show, and replied:

“I had a really great time on the show, I really loved the character, it brings so many people so much joy. So never say never! I feel like there was more to explore with Martha, definitely, but I don’t know what form that would take.”

Though Freema first appeared in Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday (2006), she debuted as Martha in the following year’s Smith and Jones, and starred in a number of fan-favourite episodes, including Human Nature/ The Family of Blood, and Blink. She then returned in Series 4 (2008), and finally, for David Tennant’s last outing (briefly) as the Tenth Doctor in The End of Time. However, she further cropped up in Torchwood Series 2, reprising her role as Martha.

When we last saw her, she had married Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke), having gone freelance – but once a member of UNIT, surely there’s a way back for her?

She continued:

“I know I kept doing audiobooks until after I’d even left the show. So I don’t know – it could be case of maybe one day, maybe one day soon, maybe one day in 30 years time. We will wait and see.”

She’s referring to her work with BBC Audio… but might this give us hope for hearing Martha alongside the Doctor again for Big Finish? After all, Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble starred in a trilogy of audio tales last year, and this year, Billie Piper follows in her footsteps. Could 2018 be the year of Martha’s return?

Martha Jones is one of the most underappreciated Doctor Who companions, and it’d be nice to see she gets the recognition she deserves. Freema, too, is a great ambassador for the show, always bright, bubbly, and enthusiastic about the series and its fans.

Should Martha come back? In what capacity? TV or Big Finish – or both?!

  • DonnaM

    Martha had the attributes of a terrific companion: I still feel sorry for Freema that she was continually undermined by the whole unrequited crush on Ten while he continued to pine like a schoolboy over his lost “love” storyline.

    Both the actress and the character deserved better I feel

  • bmacdonald

    Big Finish Big Finish Big Finish!

    Martha was and still is my favorite new-series companion. I’d love to see her return in any capacity. I figured that her work on Sense8 and other series was keeping her in America, and she wasn’t available, but it sounds like she’s around these days.

  • Peter Rabytt

    Just noticed, the heading says Freeman Agyeman……..instead of Freema. Weird how its easy to not notice because the brain knows there is a ‘man’ in the name somewhere! I have read this before and not seen it, but today it jumped out at me. Who says Who fans are pedants……

    • Philip

      Ahahahahah! I’m always doing that! Good spot, Peter – amended. 😀

      • Peter Rabytt

        I think she just has one of those names that somehow seem make everyone dyslexic…….and then energises some sort of perception field so nobody notices…