Peter Capaldi on Filming His ‘Moving’ Regeneration

This year’s Christmas special will see both Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat depart the show as they make way for the bold, new era of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall but before all that can happen, there’s the small matter of the Twelfth Doctor’s regeneration.

Speaking to Empire (via CultBox), Capaldi has been sharing a few details of his final moments as the Doctor in this year’s festive frolic, Twice Upon a Time, and, apparently, it’s the perfect send-off for old twelvey as no one called him.

He said:

“I couldn’t have wanted for a more moving and emotional end to my time as Doctor Who”.

He added that it was “strange” shooting the regeneration scene itself:

“In a way you’ve been practising all your life to collapse on the floor of the TARDIS. Or whatever happens! And we had a whole day to do it, which was nice”.

A whole day? It either sounds like we’re going to get an epic Tenth Doctor goodbye or, like Matt Smith’s departure, they shot a lot of alternative goodbyes and will explore their options in the edit. Either way, it’s shaping up to be quite the departure for Capaldi.

Doctor Who returns this Christmas Day with Twice Upon a Time on BBC One.

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    The channel will be getting changed as soon as the regeneration starts in our house. Will tune in again in a year or two once this novelty casting wears off and the show comes back.

    • People complained that Eccleston would ruin the show cause he was too working class.

      People complained that Tennant would ruin the show cause he was too pretty.

      People complained that Smith would ruin the show cause he was too young.

      People complained that Capaldi would ruin the show cause he was too old.

      And each time, amazingly, the vast majority of those people forgot their complaints…about five minutes into each new Doctor’s first episode.

      I ask you the same question I’ve asked other people so hide-bound convinced the show is ruined. – would you have been this upset if the new Doctor were male, but Black? Or British-born, but Asian? Exactly how far away from “Whte guy” will you allow the casting to go before you declare the show ruined?

      • DonnaM

        Maybe for some of those people those castings were so offensive they did walk away as FPD plans to now. I don’t agree with any of the examples you use, but if folks did – well it’s no skin off my nose! If I drift off from watching next series it’ll be for the same reason as in the past – because for whatever combination of reasons, I’m not enjoying what I see any more.

        It’s a matter of subjective opinion. It’s not quantifiable as fact.

        To the best of my knowledge the commenter you’re responding to has said he feels passionately that the Doctor is, has been and should remain male. His personal opinion – if the show is ruined for him, so be it, it’s no business of mine! He hasn’t, to the best of my knowledge, said white male. May I ask why you assume ethnicity is an issue?

        I was hoping that could be left until the next change of lead!

        • The vast majority of the people who I’m seen complaining to the degree he has have had similar qualms against any actors who weren’t white males. I asked my question to see if it were true for him as well.

          • DonnaM

            Fair enough. I must say that’s not been my experience, and as someone who doesn’t see the switch of gender as either necessary or of narrative value it’s certainly not the case for me.

          • FrancoPabloDiablo

            I don’t know who these people are that you are referring to. Fictional probably. And just out of curiosity, what would be wrong with someone identifying the Doctor as a WHITE male? the male part I agree with but men can be any colour. But if somebody had that opinion I wouldn’t judge them as rascist purely on that basis, that would be utterly ridiculous. Each to their own right? a LOT of people don’t like this new casting. Calling people names, Moff telling the media to shut up and that prat at Comic-con calling people a*seholes ain’t going to change that I’m afraid.

          • Jeff Winger

            Not fictional. This is well documented. The majority of the people upset about 13 are vocal on social media about the doctor always being a white male. They say that’s the tradition and show should stick to it. And yes, if someone says the doctor should only be a white male and that a woman or a black man would ruin the show, that person is sexist and racist. No different from the people who said they don’t want to see a black guy as the lead of the new Star Wars franchise. Your defense of these “white males only” types, especially with all that’s happening in the world right now, is sad and pathetic. Blocked.

            How thick does someone have to be to think that saying “Only white men can do this” isn’t grounds to be called racist and sexist?

          • Philip

            That’s not well documented at all. And the Doctor is very different from Finn in Star Wars. No problems at all with Finn or indeed Rey – they’re original characters. If someone identifies the Doctor as being a particular thing, based on the show’s history – which hasn’t deviated that much – then that’s entirely different from saying “women shouldn’t lead a show” which IS sexist and incredibly stupid; a very very small minority think like that. If the Doctor has always been a woman or black, not a problem. And for the record, I wanted Sacha Dhawan cast as the next Doctor.

          • FrancoPabloDiablo

            Ah, I see. You’re basing all your arguments here based on social media. Haha. go figure! I think the Doctor is male and should stay that way and I’m not sexist. I’ve stated I wouldn’t mind a black male actor playing the part but if somebody preferred or identified the Doctor as purely a white character I certainly wouldn’t castigate them and call them racist because of it. Do you understand how much you are undermining your own arguments by sounding so intolerant of other’s opinions? Quite sad and pathetic to be honest.

      • FrancoPabloDiablo

        I’ve never been shy about my opinions on this. Female – that is clearly what it takes for me to declare the show ruined – though hopefully just for a year or two until the novelty casting has worn off and the series regains it’s senses. As long as he is a he and is Brittish then no problem with me regarding your question. I personally identify the character as male and the show as quintessentially Brittish.

    • Jeff Winger

      Novelty casting? Is that how little you think of women? Sydney Newman said back in the 80’s that the character can be, and should be, a woman someday. It’s canon. Jodie got the part because Chibnall worked with her for 3 years on his last show. Think about the message you’re sending to your children (if you have any). You’re telling them that a woman should stay in her place and not try to do something that’s usually done by men. Very toxic. Glad I didn’t have parents like you. Blocked.

      • Philip

        Sydney also said no BEMs. He sometimes got stuff wrong. As for “You’re telling them that a woman should stay in her place and not try to do something that’s usually done by men” – that’s not what he’s saying at all.

      • FrancoPabloDiablo

        Yes, novelty casting. It is novelty casting with a PC and Liberal agenda without a doubt. It has nothing to do with what I think of women. Newman said that in the eighties when he was passed it. The only reason the BBC let him in and listened to anything he had to say was because they were trying to placate him because he kept on banging on about getting on screen credit so they instead paid him a little money for some “suggestions”. Chibnall is on record that he was only ever going to cast a woman – so what happened to the old “casting the right PERSON for the job” when he was never even going to consider a male? I’m sure you’d be incensed if it were the other way round right? I have an amazing, strong, confident girl and she is also disapponted about the new casting. Also, all but one of her school friends I’ve spoken to aren’t keen. They are the target audience are they not? They are the generation we want to attract to the show – not alienate from it. I’m going to respect their views a lot more than what I read on social media. I’m glad I don’t have a child as immature and as intolerant as you. ALL you have, and I do mean ALL, is to call people sexist, racist and all the usual tropes people fling when their argument is so flimsy and non-existant. Try and be a bit more open minded and less intolerant of others’ views. Hopefully some time in the future you will be capable of a grown-up and respectful discussion or debate. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go and beat my wife because she’s stepped out of the kitchen!

      • reTARDISed

        Could you tell me when and where Sydney Newman said the Doctor can and should be a woman? I ask that to be enlightened, and not to question your statement. Was it before or after Newman suggested that Colin Baker be sacked and replaced by Patrick Troughton?

  • DonnaM

    Personally I find Tennnant’ s regeneration to be the absolute low point of the Doctor’s characterisation- the Time Lord Vainglorious. It’s gruesome to see the character reduced to being a spiteful egotistical sniveller.

    I did say I disliked it, didn’t I?

    Smith’s felt over long and mawkish (probably because unlike this time I was itching to see the new incumbent in action) and the last regeneration I appreciate is Eccleston’s.

    I hope Capaldi goes out with grace, wit and all the heart he’s brought to the role. I’m going to be a blubbing wreck regardless but I really hope he does get the magnificent send-off he deserves.