Doctor Who Complete Series 10 DVD to be Released Without Twice Upon A Time!

Here’s something of a shock: the complete DVD/Blu-ray of Doctor Who Series 10 is to be released in November, ahead of Peter Capaldi’s final regular appearance as the Twelfth Doctor in this year’s festive special!

Though there’s no sign of the complete boxset on Amazon UK, its US counterpart is listing Doctor Who: The Complete Tenth Series as bring released on 14th November 2017, with the DVD apparently carrying an RRP of $74.99 – which seems a little high to the say the least. At the current conversion rate (no one mention Brexit please), that’s over £58. The price is likely a placeholder until the actual RRP is announced, but it’d be unusual for the release date to be too off the mark; needless to say, it’s almost a certainty that Series 10 will be out this side of Christmas.

Perhaps BBC Worldwide is solely looking to make a popular DVD set available for Christmas Day, hence missing Twice Upon A Time off the release.

Still, it’s pretty annoying that, like The Time of the Doctor for Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor before it, the special will be separated from its natural place alongside the likes of The Pilot, Oxygen, and World Enough and TimeThe Doctor Falls (the latter including a cliffhanger that will be resolved with the festivities). Note, also, that we don’t know whether The Return of Doctor Mysterio will be included – fans had to petition for The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe to be included in the Complete Series 7 sets.

Of course, the series has already been released as two separate DVDs/Blu-rays, as Part One (The Pilot to Extremis) and Part Two (The Pyramid at the End of the World onwards).

Meanwhile, it looks like Twice Upon A Time will be out on 20th February 2018, almost two months after its presumed air-date, on its own. The special, with an expected running time of 60 minutes, stars Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, and David Bradley as the First Doctor.

How do you feel about this? Annoyed the “complete” set won’t be exactly complete? Or do you sympathise with the BBC’s reasoning?

  • The Lazy Womble

    Past caring, if i am honest. I already have all the episodes this will include (plus that Doctor Mysteron stuff)

  • DonnaM

    Hardly surprised. I have the series on Amazon Video anyway (and will doubtless purchase the Christmas ep the same way) but will get the box set if the extras justify it. Ditto the Christmas thingie.

    Doctor Who is only of interest to the BBC as a source of revenue. Inevitably they’ll release the complete series to maximise that.

  • Paul Lloyd

    It’s not a shock, the Christmas specials always up up on the next season box set, seeing as the complete box sets are released before they have aired, they are always the first episode on the next series box set

    • Rick714

      Complete Series 9 had Last Christmas and Husbands of River Song included and that made sense. Twice upon a time should be included here as well. If a Christmas special is starting an era or just continuing an era, I have no problem pushing it to the next series. But this is just ridiculous. this special will end the Capaldi era.

      • Planet of the Deaf

        Last Christmas didn’t belong on S9 though, as in reality it was the S8 finale

        • Rick714

          Oh disagree completely—it was set some time after the series and was more of a revisit to Clara. It felt like a standalone to me but regardless, I’m glad it was included.

    • Fox In A Box

      It’s a different scenario this time around. This is Capaldi’s last episode and it continues directly on from the end of Series 10, the Complete Tenth Series release is the only logical place for it. Realistically, it isn’t going to be included on Jodie Whittaker’s first series set, so it has nowhere to go.

      Personally I don’t mind *that* much as the Christmas standalone releases now contain all of the same bonus material & a slipcover so it would look fine slotted next to Series 10 on a shelf, but it is still mildly annoying albeit understandable. Despite *technically* containing the whole of Series 10, The Complete Tenth Series feels incomplete without it.

  • Rick714

    The Beeb being stupid again. They made a mess out of series 7 across the board on the releases and now they’re pulling this. I can *almost* excuse them for Time of the Doctor as you had the big 50th anniversary stuck in between the series and the Xmas special but here, this is just dumb. You had two Christmas specials on the complete series 9, so there’s no reason not to do it here. I may just wait a good long while before buying it tyo see if they smarten up with a more comprehensive release later.

  • Jamie Armour

    Go back to watch series 1, 2, 3 or 4. The Christmas episodes were always included in the following season’s release. So that they could get the previous season out on DVD in time for it to become an ideal Christmas present. This is nothing new. Why is the writer trying to make a ridiculous issue out of nothing?

    • Philip

      Because it’s controversial. Because it will upset some fans. Realistically, Twice Upon A Time isn’t going to be included in a Series 11 boxset; yes, the specials following on from Series 1, 2, 3, and 4 were included in the subsequent series’ boxsets, but as this year’s special is the end of an era, you’d expect it to be issued with Series 10.

  • Gary Soanes

    It makes complete sense from a commercial standpoint for BBC Worldwide to release this set towards the end of the year when they can take advantage of the lucrative Christmas market, when priced at around £35-£40 it will be an ideal gift for your DW loving loved ones, rather than holding the set back a month or two into the New year when everybody is brasic. My guess is “Twice Upon A Time” will be packaged alongside Capaldi’s three other festive outings for a late January release, similar to what they did with Matt’s “The Time of The Doctor” standalone in early 2014

    • Peter Rabytt

      I agree its an understandable commercial decision. Unless they threw away the potential Christmas revenue, they didn’t have much choice really. I can see why its irritating in that it would be nice to have the whole of Capaldi’s end run in one package, but from a revenue point of view, they would be nuts to miss the Christmas market.

  • Planet of the Deaf

    It was always going to be released before Christmas, a peak shopping time. The S8 boxset wasn’t delayed until after Christmas to include Last Christmas

    S9 finished so close to Christmas, it would have been too late to issue the boxset for the Christmas market, so this was delayed until after Christmas and thus could include THORS.

  • Bob James

    It makes sense for me. Series 10, apart from the gender/agenda/politics, was actually my favorite Capaldi series, and perhaps (I’ll need more time to review on this) my favorite ever. I am looking very forward to TUAT, and expect to enjoy it immensely. But as I’ve said, when Capaldi starts glowing, I’ll be going, and so it sits well with me to have it as a separate release.

  • timevortex

    A few people have suggested that “Realistically, it isn’t going to be included on Jodie Whittaker’s first series set, so it has nowhere to go”. Why is it unrealistic to assume it would be included? It’s going to be her first appearance, so why shouldn’t it go on her set? Xmas special always goes on the next complete box set, even if the season is split and there are two xmas specials.