Peter Capaldi Might Not Return for Multi-Doctor Stories

As we all know, Peter Capaldi sadly leaves Doctor Who this Christmas – and it sounds like it really will be the last time we see the Twelfth Doctor.

At the San Francisco Comic Con 2017, held this past weekend (1st- 3rd September) at the Moscone Centre West, an audience member asked Peter if he’d come back for multi-Doctor stories, and he replied:

“I think when you should go, you should go. Even when I was a kid I believed [the Doctor] was this weird and wonderful thing, so if he kept showing up all the time in Big Finish or in multi-Doctor stories he was more available… I don’t know. Maybe. But not for a while.”

Multi-Doctor tales happen so rarely, but they nonetheless represent an opportunity to indulge in the rose-tinted glory of the past. So if Capaldi is to be believed, it’d be a massive shame; with Series 10 getting a very warm reception from fans and the general public, it feels much too soon for him to be leaving the series (although the same can be said for most Doctors). More adventures would always be welcome.

Worryingly, this also seems to indicate that Peter won’t be starring in any audios for Big Finish either. At present, Big Finish’s license goes up to, and includes, The Time of the Doctor, but after Twice Upon A Time airs, it’s a fair assumption that their scope would be extended. While that still could be the case, perhaps Capaldi himself won’t be part of those adventures.

And yet, Doctor Who is all about hope, isn’t it? It teaches us that there is always hope. We might have to wait a while – we’re used to it, frankly – but I reckon he will change his mind. After all, he’s a massive fan of the show!

Oh Peter, you will be missed.

  • Liam

    I wouldn’t want him to come back for a while anyway. It’s more special that way.

  • Rick714

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder! 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 have done a ton of audios for Big Finish but I’ve only listened to a handful of them. They do a very nice job on the audios but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on them and I do usually like to focus on one Doctor at a time anyway. I listened to that whole Hornets Nest series by Tom Baker mostly because it was his first time back for audio and it was great but I needed little else afterward. “Light at the end of…” was great to listen to as it brought all the Classic Doctors together in one way or another so that was a treat as well.

    All that being said, if the right opportunity, event script, what have you came up to Capaldi in four or five years, I imagine he’d jump at the chance to play opposite Whittaker, Smith and Tennant

  • DonnaM

    Maybe isn’t no – and we’re a good way off the next potential anniversary special. Perhaps if the material given to his successor(s) is good enough to suggest it’s worth his while, he might be persuaded….

    I refuse to abandon all hope of seeing (or hearing – for Twelve and his associates I might dig into the moneybox for Big Finish) Capaldi back in the role someday. He’s been too good to lose completely.

  • Planet of the Deaf

    The 60th anniversary isn’t for 6 years anyway, which is a long time. There will be an awful lot of “New Who” Doctors by then, never mind Classic ones, Chris (if he comes back), David, Matt, Peter, Jodie and presumably her successor (or two!).

    When BF started doing Doctor Who, it was a significant time after the actors had starred in the TV show, it’s not as if Peter D and Colin etc returned to Doctor Who 5 years after leaving, so there had been some gap for them to do other things

    A lot depends on how successful post their Doctor Who careers have been too….

  • Mack59

    11 is the only Doctor that could come back on the TV show after a good few years absence because as we saw him age on Trenzalore that means he could be taken from his time stream at any time during that siege and Matt Smith’s older appearance could be explained that way. For the other Doctors the visible ageing of the actors would prove a prove a problem for a multi Doctor episode made in several years time.

    • FrancoPabloDiablo

      They explained away Peter Davison’s age in Time Crash alright. Hell, even the death of one of the actors doesn’t stop them bringing an incarnation back – just loook at the First Doctor. Three actors have portrayed him now. And you never know, there might be something that happens in Twice Upon A Time that may allow Capaldi to come back many years from now without a need to explain away his age just as you mention for Smith.

      • Mack59

        Time Crash and the awful Dimensions In Time exist in a pocket universe in E-Space marked “Doctor Who Unbound” …………………. Well in my my head anyway. The 1st Doctor has been (or will have been played after the Christmas episode’s transmission) by three actors and ironically as I was talking about the ageing of the actors playing the Doctor it’s interesting to note that David Bradley is 17 years older than William Hartnell was when he appeared in The 10th Planet.

        Maybe Moffat will afford an older Capaldi a way to return in the future which I will be happy with as he is my favourite incarnation of the revived show. Oh it’s also occurred to me whilst writing this little bit of speculative nonsense that I was wrong in my initial comment as Tennant could also turn up as an older meta-crisis human version of the Doctor which could be fun.

        • FrancoPabloDiablo

          The first rule about DImensions In Time is that we don’t talk about Dimensions In Time! I accept Time Crash though purely as it runs directly after Last Of The Time Lords and into Voyage Of The Damned. Good point about Tennant. And let is not forget the Curator. Was he just the Curator or a future incarnation of the Doctor ‘revisiting’ an old face?

          • Mack59

            Who nose ………………………. Who nose.

    • DonnaM

      In all fairness Pat Troughton appeared in The Two Doctors in 1985, a good fifteen years after leaving the role (and how in heck that fits with 1960s canon I still can’t get my poor little head around…)
      I suspect audiences are more cynical/less forgiving now than we were 30 years ago, but there’s certainly a precedent; and frankly I don’t care if he’s shuffling along on a zimmer, I’d still be thrilled to see Capaldi back 🙂 No excuses were given in previous multi-Doctor specials – we were just told “Here they are – get on with it”.
      I can live with that

      • Mack59

        Yes Donna, back then we just watched the show and accepted it but today people go on about cannon and continuity and have all the boxsets and dissect them frame by frame to find something to complain about. In “The Five Doctors” Pertwee looked older ( and wider) but we were so glad to see the older Doctors return we just enjoyed it. Yes the “Two Doctors” was more problematic as Pat did look a lot older and the inclusion of an older Jamie wasn’t explained.

        I also would welcome more Capaldi adventures but think that it will be from the Big Finish ( the retirement home for previous Doctors) audios rather than the TV show.

  • The Lazy Womble

    He may not return for a multi-Doctors story. But then he is exiting on one.

    • FrancoPabloDiablo

      …And started in one, technically, if you include Smith’s appearance at the end of Deep Breath. And did we not all gasp with excitement when his eyebrows exploded onto the screen in The Day Of The Doctor before he even started?

      • bar

        We sure did. and we’ll see them again in the christmas special. for the last time. sniff 🙁
        I’ve been watching Who for over 50 years, and have never been as excited to see a new Doctor arrive, nor as sad to see one go. I know it’s best to leave when everyone loves you and wants more, rather than go on to become – er – well, whatever Tom became towards the end of his tenure. But ONE more season would have been wonderful. Oh well, ‘you can’t always get what you want’ (cue guitar).

  • Simon Danes

    I think Jodie Whittaker is going to be very good.
    *Retires behind dustbin lid to avoid being pulverised by hail of missiles.*

  • Bob James

    I’m not so concerned with him not participating in future television multi-Doctor stories, but I will NEED him to dive into Big Finish at some point. We just didn’t get enough of him. I know he left me wanting more. But it obviously wouldn’t be for a least a good few years before and if/when he does.

    • Rob Irwin

      I find the BBC Books and Audios focusing on his Doctor are a good fix, too. There’s 8 audios (will be 10 in total when they’re done), and 10 novels. Granted he’s not acting in any of them, but another 20 stories with his Doctor are sitting out there 🙂