BBC Three Boss Confirms Class is Cancelled

Perhaps it was the poor marketing? Perhaps it was the decision to air each episode weekly online in the UK first – rather than going worldwide simultaneously with an entire series worth of episodes. Perhaps it was the awkward sex and violence? Perhaps it was the lack of marketing – or the fact that the marketing didn’t really know who the show was for? Or to put it bluntly, who was this show for?

Anyway, in unsurprising news, Doctor Who spin-off Class has been dismissed by the BBC.

The drama series, which was written by YA novelist Patrick Ness, attracted lukewarm reviews when it was shown on BBC Three and then in a late-night slot on BBC One. While Ness has said that he wasn’t working on any new episodes, the show hadn’t been officially decommissioned – until today.

When asked by the Radio Times whether the show would return, BBC3 controller Damian Kavanagh said: “No, no.”

“There was nothing wrong with it,” he added. “I thought Patrick did a great job, he explored an amazing world. In honesty it didn’t really land for us on BBC3; some shows don’t and I have to make decisions about what we’re going to do from a drama point of view, and what we did after Class was Clique which worked really well for us.”

The drama series, which featured a group of classmates who were forced to defend Earth after a tear in the universe was opened in the modern incarnation of Coal Hill School, starred Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, Vivian Oparah, Greg Austin, and Katherine Kelly as alien teacher Miss Quill.

Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor made a cameo appearance in the first episode.

Patrick Ness wrote on Twitter:

As Doctor Who transitions from Steven Moffat’s era to Chris Chibnall’s here’s hoping that, with an entire universe to explore, another spin-off idea gets to learn from the mistakes of Class.

  • Christian Cawley

    Unfortunately, pretty much the only thing they got right with Class was the casting. Given DW has had two previous spin-offs, both of which had their own misfires, it’s somewhat inconceivable that Class was a failure. The lessons were there to be learned. Oh well. 🙁

  • ColeBox

    Where I fully realise that Class wasn’t aimed at me (mind you, nor was BAFTA award winning The Fades and that was a belter; wasted opportunity there BBC Three), but I just couldn’t get excited about it. I hope that the lesson learned is that Doctor Who spin-offs are no longer a good idea and that the powers that be try to be a bit more creative and attempt something new.

  • The Lazy Womble

    School’s Out…forever.

  • Rick714

    As with anything, quality will out. Maybe it was the advance bad reviews but I never even gave it a chance, I’m ashamed to say. I will say this: by the time they aired it, Doctor Who proper was back, so I watched that. If the Beeb had the good sense to air Class at some point DURING THE ENTIRE 2016 YEAR WHEN WE HAD NO WHO….then I think more people would have at least tried it, me included.

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    Apart from a cameo by Capaldi in ep 1 and the weeping angels I believe in the finale (never got that far myself) there was NOTHING Doctor Who about it. The setting of Coal Hill ‘Academy’ was the most tenuous of links to the show that would have meant nothing to the general viewing public. Loads of people, not just hardcore Who fans, knew sarah jane and K-9 either from the classic run or School Reunion. The same with Captain Jack and his immortality issues. Both these spin-offs weren’t perfect and had there problems – especially in the beginning – but they were solid, enjoyable and you knew where you were with them. The cast of Class themselves were fine but the characterisations and relationships never sat right with me throughout the 3 or 4 episodes I managed to sit through. In my opinion it got less and less appealing with every episode so I just had to bite the bullet and stop watching. When Liz Sladen died I cried that the SJAs died with her. When Torchwood lost it with miracle day I cried a little that it had fallen so high from the hieghts of Children Of Earth. With this news though – meh! All the reasons put forward I’m sure contributed to it’s demise but more importantly, maybe it just wasn’t a very good show to begin with.

  • kwijino

    Perhaps not all sci-fi fans wanted to see two dudes going for it? I know that’s why I had no interest. I want escapism, not Social Justice! This is why I have seen my last new Who episode till they hire a man again to be the Doctor, and if they don’t, I have my DVDs of the show before it leapt over the cartilaginous fish with the quadricycle.