Steven Moffat on Jodie Whittaker: “We Are In For A Very Exciting Run’

While there’s still four months to go before Jodie Whittaker makes her debut as the Thirteenth Doctor, there are a select few who have already seen her first moments as the Doctor and quite rightly, they’ve been teasing everyone about it – and by ‘a select few’ I mean Steven Moffat.

Based on his reaction to her debut, it’ll certainly be worth the wait. Speaking in a commemorative video for digital artist and colourist Stuart Humphryes (whose work includes restoring classic Doctor Who episodes) YouTube channel Babelcolour, (via the Radio Times) Moffat said:

“Doctor Who has an amazing future, and I’ve seen part of it.

“I’ve seen Jodie’s first scene as the Doctor, and trust me we are in for a thrill ride. She is already brilliant.

“In such a tiny moment, she’s given us the Doctor we’ve always known, but in, to say the least, a new way. We are in for a very exciting run.”

However, there’s the small matter of the preceding episode, Twice Upon A Time, which will see Peter Capaldi make his final appearance as the Doctor, which Moffat teased:

“Doctor Who has a very exciting present, because we’re still working on the CHRISTMAS present that is… that’s a very bad joke isn’t it? That is the Christmas special, where David Bradley returns as the First Doctor.

“He exquisitely recreates William Hartnell’s wonderful performance from all those years ago. A recreation of such beauty and precision that it would be worthy of Babelcolour itself.

“And of course you’ve got Peter Capaldi in his very last go as the Doctor. He’s going to break your heart! Your heart is going to be in pieces by the end of this.”

He concluded:

“Only Jodie Whittaker will be able to cheer you up again.”

Doctor Who will return on Christmas Day with Twice Upon A Time on BBC One.

  • Rick714

    Gotta say, I will no longer miss the Moffat hyperbole where he’s always assuring us how brilliant and exciting things will be. Ditto RTD. Wonder if Chibs will keep singing that song, because I long ago stopped listening to these guys as they declare absolutely *everything* to be wonderful, brilliant, and excellent in every way……I understand that’s part of the job but oh, it gets so pedantic….

    • Bob James

      I think Moffat with his one episode to go, and the “future” he worked his agenda so hard to set up, is still stumping and acting the salesman. I also can’t get away from the impression (I watched the SDCC panel on YouTube), that he’s also a bit nervous, in the “Be careful what you wish for” way. Or in his case, the “What I relentlessly beat the audience over the head with” way. Now his agenda has been passed on, and right into another obviously agenda driven individual’s hands. If this succeeds, they will be considered visionaries. If it fails, they might just still escape the worst, as this bold new direction not catching enough viewing figures would most likely be attributed to the sexist, misogynist, chauvinistic audience at large who refused to embrace it. But I still think he’s nervous. And I think once the standing ovation and applause dies down, and Chibnall has to deliver, he will be too. If this party ends I can’t see it ending well.

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    I kind of love in a way that as the show comes to an unnecessary end after 54 years it comes full circle with the first and last Doctors teaming up. Quite poetic really. Just hope the story is a fitting send-off for the show. Such a shame it is obviously going to be marred by the last minute or two. No beautiful “cities made of song” voiceover this time 🙁

  • DonnaM

    Davies before him and Chibnall after him… they’ll all sing the same song. Nobody involved with a product (and that’ s all any television programme really is) is going to make the Ratner mistake of admitting it’s all a bit rubbish, even when the evidence is starting them in the face.

    I have no axe to grind. I detested the first half of his showrunning era, loved the second. I still regard him as the best writer the revived show has had. But in this case I wonder, how the heck would he know? It’s pretty unlikely his successor will have given him much insight into what, beyond “I plan to cast a woman” he has planned.

    Anyway, Moffat has to be professionally enthused about everything. Even if he secretly thinks Chibnall is as mediocre a Doctor Who writer as I do, he’s never going to say so in public!

    • Bob James

      And there’s that self effacing nature he exhibits, while wearing that smug grin.

  • Christian Cawley

    Trust Moffat and his penchant for an entendre, to say “we’re in for a thrilling ride” when referring to a lady….

  • Jack Ashcraft

    Nobody associated with the program is going to make the mistake of having the public opinion that she’s total rubbish in it. They’d be cast out of BBC nirvana as sexist and very well might never work again.