Russell T. Davies Hid Clues To The New Doctor in Doctor Who Book

Russell T. Davies has revealed that he hid some not-so-secret clues as to the identity of the Thirteenth Doctor in his new Doctor Who book months before the announcement was made.

Being something of a mega-fan (and having a few friends in the know of course) former showrunner Davies had the inside track when it came to the announcement and the gender of the new Doctor.

Davies told Radio Times:

“Let’s just say I’m friends with all these people, with [current showrunner Steven Moffat] and with [new boss Chris Chibnall] And we’ve been friends for years. So I knew what was in the air. I knew kind of.”

So when Davies was contacted by the BBC to illustrate a new volume of Doctor Who poems written by James Goss called Now We Are Six Hundred, he couldn’t resist slipping in a few references to the series’ exciting future – even if he wasn’t sure of the specifics at the time.

Davies added:

“There’s a poem called Contents, which I thought ‘Well I’ll draw a trunk, and in that trunk there’s something representing every single Doctor.

“And that was tough, and that was me sitting there scratching my head for a long time on some of them. And I got there! And there’s also a handbag in there, you’ll be glad to see.”

That’s not the only secret hiding in plain sight. Davies also drew an illustration of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor looking knowingly at a female mannequin inside the TARDIS, while another illustration appears to feature Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor in action – albeit in disguise for a poem called The Death List.

Davies elaborates on the illustration:

“Oh yes, The Death List…which has the kind of masked, unknown secret Doctor running around. On page 23, if you look at the swirl of those clothes she’s wearing women’s stilettos and the numbers 1 and 3 are hidden in the folds of those clothes.

“That’s a female Doctor running around! Well, I suppose anyone could wear high-heels, but there’s a curve there you wouldn’t get on a male figure.”

Even if the production crew had told a little white lie to Davies, he had a contingency plan…of sorts. If you count removing then potentially inaccurate images from the book as a plan.

Davies said:

“I kind of knew anything could happen, so there was time with the publishing of it to have removed any of those,” he told us. “But actually they’re all quite speculative.

“Even if we hadn’t gone with Jodie Whittaker, that photograph of Peter Capaldi looking at the female mannequin represents that time when everyone’s saying there could be a female Doctor anyway.

“The illustration still stands, even if they’d gone and cast [Coronation Street star] William Roache as the Doctor. You could still have got away with that drawing.”

Davies also shares a few more hidden titbits contained within the pages of Now We Are Six Hundred which is available to pre-order now from Amazon for release on Thursday 14th September for £6.99.

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    OK, so female Doctor = handbag? Sums up everything wrong with the atitude and casting. No surprise. Handbags are SO progressive haha!

    • Bob James

      Not to mention the stilettos. How many millennia old, all those times and places, and still prone to wear impractical footwear? And add the “curve” for good measure. Yeah, at least for Russell, this isn’t a gender thing at all.

    • DonnaM

      If it’s a sonic handbag, I’m off…

    • Turd Furgeson’s Doggy

      I have mostly stopped posting here because you are constantly going on about Whittaker and it’s dragging these threads down in my opinion. I get that you don’t like it. We all know it now. No need to say the same thing over and over in every thread.

      Having said that, like you I never cared for a female Doctor, mostly because I didn’t think it was wise to rob young boys of an against type role model and by changing the character’s gender you change the character fundamentally because the makers of the show are, to be frank, not intelligent enough to escape the gender trapping of modern culture. Once you put Jodie in women’s gender specific clothes you immediately rubbish the idea of The Doctor “just being an alien who can be anything”. You are saying a character of 2000 years has become a woman and has chosen to look and behave like one. That is a very strong and stark character change. Why would an alien who issued to being a man immediately identify with female character traits after regeneration? If anything it was an excellent chance to explore transgender issues. But you know they’re going to bottle it. I put this to the uber progressives at Gallifrey Base. Got no answer. Instead they preferred to discuss what female clothes she would wear after have a dozen years of saying gender is irrelevant.

      • FrancoPabloDiablo

        Sorry to hear that but I won’t be silenced in expressing my displeasure, disappointment and distain at the current situation in related articles. I’m sure People like Moff would love people like me to “shut the hell up”.

        • Turd Furgeson’s Doggy

          Yes, but notice how your reply was only to the first part of my post and not the second. You’ve clearly moved beyond just expressing displeasure as you weren’t interested in anything I actually said that supports your viewpoint. You were more interested in the comments about you. So this is no longer just about not liking a female doctor, is it? It’s about the fact that you’ve become so wrapped in your anger that here you are a full two months later still complaining on a near daily basis. How many others who were against a female doctor are still doing that? It’s find to express displeasure. But over and over and over and over and over again?

          I’ve expressed displeasure at the casting here and elsewhere, but I don’t need to use every single comment section to do it. You’re not going to change what has happened, so why waste all that energy in an almost obsessive manner? The Doctor Who we know has passed. It’s time to accept it, enjoy the past content and move on. Whittaker is here to stay and there will be other female Doctors in the future as well since the precedent has been set. You’re going to have to come to terms with that whether you like it or not because there is no way in hell you are ever going to change it, especially not with endless ranting on the internet, especially on a relatively low traffic site, and especially not in this day and age, where such moves are widely lauded as progressive. Watch or don’t watch – that’s the only impact you can realistically have.

          • FrancoPabloDiablo

            Sorry, I didn’t realise I was obliged to respond to both your paragraphs. I didn’t respond to the latter because I mainly didn’t disagree with most of what you said. But if you insist I reply then the only thing I don’t agree with you about is that Doctor Who could be an appropriate outlet to explore transgender issues due to it’s large very young audience watching. I equally don’t don’t think the show is an appropriate place to explore issues of any sexual/gender issues. Doctor Who is not a sex education class.

            The reason I keep on commenting on this particular topic is because I feel strongly about it. I know a lot of people with a similar viewpoint to mine remain silent due to the almost inevitable vitriol and accusations of sexism/bigotry etc that ensue (of course nothing you have done). I won’t be silenced and I will continue to voice my opinion where and when I choose to do so. I’m not seeking to change the decision (that is a ridiculous thing to suggest I’m doing). I’ve openly stated I won’t watch it unless I have to if my daughter want’s to, but thankfully she’s not too keen on it. I’ve accepted it but that doesn’t mean I have to like it and stay silent. Give me an article this topic has nothing to do with and I’ll comment accordingly. If you don’t like my comments then of course feel free to respond, otherwise just ignore them and me in general – you have that option. Also, how much energy do you think I’m wasting typing on a keyboard for a few seconds? I’m not out of breath and sweating at the end of it thankfully! And I hope the HERteenth Doctor is such a failure that she won’t be around for too long so we can get the show back sooner rather than later so that we can quickly put this politically motivated new “progressive” era into the same bin as Dimensions In Time.

          • Jack Ashcraft

            I think we’ll only have to suffer the violence of one season of this tripe, and either the BBC dumps the agenda in DW, or they refuse to admit their errors (even silently) and just cancel the show. Either way we’re not going to see much more of this parody.

  • Bob James

    I had actually pre-ordered that book on Amazon. Now I’m glad I cancelled it. Even though “everyone” was saying it.

  • Bob James

    Just an after thought. Considering the gear he has been sporting at recent conventions, couldn’t that last illustration have just been Barrowman?