Alex Kingston Wants a River Song/Captain Jack Spin-Off

Alex Kingston, who played River Song between 2008 and 2015, has revealed that she’d love to see a story or spin-off with herself and John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.

And who doesn’t?!?! But the real question would be, “Is the universe ready for so much sass all in one place?”

It’a hard to believe, looking back at the now extensive back history of modern Who, and the large part that Jack and River have played in that history, that the two have never met on screen. It is a crime against televisual entertainment that this meeting of insatiable miscreants never happened!

Alex Kingston seems to agree with me, as she recently stated at Edmonton Expo in Canada, that she thought it would be great if River Song met with Captain Jack Harkness. She went on:

“It’s funny because John and I, we talk about, we imagine, fantasise about all the possibilities.”

Yes, Alex. So do we!

She continued:

“Not necessarily a spin-off show, but it kind of would be great if even the Doctor happened upon a bar in the universe where River and Captain Jack happened to be sitting, having a drink or something. I think it’d be cool!”

One snag, though… Steven Moffat has been the sole voice of River Song since day one. He has written all the stories she appeared in to date so it would take a gracious leave taking of custodianship for a spin off to happen. Would he do it? We can hope! Actually, we can do more than hope as Alex implored fans to tweet about it. So, let the world know how awesome this would be, folks!

Would you like to see River and Jack team up? Or are their eras over now?

  • The Lazy Womble


  • bmacdonald

    Point of order: The Diary of River Song box sets from Big Finish were written by people other than Moffat. In the extras, they specifically mention getting his permission before writing for her. And if anyone thinks only Moffat can write River properly, have a listen to “Five Twenty-Nine” by John Dorney, from the second box set.

    Which itself suggests the solution to the problem. Both Jack and River age abnormally, which makes it tricky for human actors to portray them on TV for long. But on audio, they’re just fine. Both Mr. Barrowman and Ms. Kingston work with Big Finish on a regular basis. Big Finish is quite open to matching up characters in a way the TV show wouldn’t. I’d say it’s only a matter of time.

  • reTARDISed

    I don’t mind River, but don’t see why she’d want to be with Torchwood-style Japtain Cack. John Barrowman wears very thin very quickly for me.

  • Liam

    Big Finish’s 20th Anniversary of making Doctor Who is only a couple of years away (2019), so I imagine a lot of fan pleaseing stuff like this could take place. Fingers crossed.

  • DonnaWho?

    I for one, would LOVE to see or hear River and Captain Jack meet each other BUT I don’t think that the universe would survive it!

  • bar

    Part of the problem with the Moffat era was the tendency to use WHO to indulge fantasies. This one would sell – but not to me.

  • DonnaM

    If it got made… I’d be avoiding it.
    Both characters started out well enough but the gilding went of the gingerbread pretty fast for me. Before long I was finding them both smug, their “sass” painfully contrived. Fortunately however, as with everything else around Doctor Who, loads of other opinions are available! I’m sure it’d sell well for Big Finish to unite the two.

  • Rick714

    I think the point is moot. Realistically, any situation that finds River and Jack together—they wouldn’t leave the hotel room, period. This would be a whole other adult rated adventure. They’re both the two biggest horn-dogs in the universe. It’d be just too much. Jack’s only good in small doses as a back up. Pretty much the same with River, although I like her more.

    • ColeBox

      Haha! Beat me to it, Rick. The adult-themed angle was quite obvious even from the article title.

  • ThePurpleFrockCoat

    Nope. It’s just going to be an R Rated bordering on X Rated flirt fest fan service.