Out Now: Survival Audiobook

It’s an odd thing, revisiting Survival. On one hand, it reminds us that Doctor Who was cancelled at its prime. On the other, it’s a cracking story, and at least we know it’s now made a triumphant return. Nonetheless, the latest audiobook reading from BBC Audio is one you won’t want to miss.

The serial, starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace, was the final story transmitted during the Classic run of Who, finishing in 1989 with the TARDIS duo walking off to explore, get to work, and save the tea from getting cold. This audio is based on the Target novelisation of the story, also written by Rona Munro. Here’s the synopsis:

An unabridged reading of this classic novelisation of a Seventh Doctor TV serial starring Sylvester McCoy.

The Doctor brings Ace home to Perivale – but on a summer Sunday it seems the least lively place in the universe. All the members of Ace’s old gang have gone away – each one disappeared.

What is killing the domestic pets of Perivale? Who are the horsemen whose hoofprints scar the recreation ground? Where have the missing persons been taken? Is the Doctor stepping into a well-prepared trap – and if so, can it be the work of the Doctor’s old adversary, the Master?

Munro, of course, returned to Doctor Who this year for The Eaters of Light.

With a duration of approximately 4 hours, the CD is read by Lisa Bowerman, who played Karra in the televised story and has since gained a legion of fans as the Doctor’s companion, Professor Bernice Summerfield. Those of us who have been lucky enough to meet her in real life know what a lovely person she is too!

To complete your Survival experience, you could also get the soundtrack, released by Silva Screen, and fully immerse yourself. Just remember: if we fight like animals, we die like animals…

Survival, as an audiobook, is out now, with an RRP of £20.