Mark Gatiss: “There Should Have Been A Female Doctor Who A Long Time Ago”

Mark Gatiss has slammed the ‘inherently sexist’ TV industry, saying that there should have been a female Doctor along time ago.

The Doctor Who writer and star of this year’s Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time, which will of course see Jodie Whittaker make her first appearance as the Doctor, told the Financial Times (via Digital Spy) that a female Doctor was not written before now because it would have felt “like a novelty”.

While Gatiss is pleased that progress has been made, he does admit that there should have been a female Doctor “a long time ago”, also implicating himself – a former Doctor Who writer – as part of the problem.

Gatiss said:

“The industry is, as we know, inherently sexist.

“There is a cut-off point for actresses, which appears to be now 23 when they’re deemed too old and they have to wait until they’re playing Lady Bracknell.

“I think there should have been a female Doctor Who a long time ago…[but] up to a certain point in its history, it would have felt a bit like a novelty.”

So does this mean that Gatiss plans on being part of the solution?

He added:

“I would love to write more for women

“The problem is you might feel slightly hidebound by what people demand that you do.

“I don’t want to think, ‘It should probably be a woman.’”  

Which is neither here nor there…

Gatiss will appear in this year’s Christmas Special, the final episode for Peter Capaldi and current showrunner Steven Moffat, Twice Upon A Time which will air on Christmas Day on BBC One.