Vote for Your Favourite Episode of Doctor Who Series 10

We’re less than a month away from 2018. Sooner than that even, Peter Capaldi (the Twelfth Doctor) leaves Doctor Who in the festive special, Twice Upon A Time. So we’d like to know what your favourite episode of Series 10 is.

When The Return of Doctor Mysterio aired on 25th December 2016, we didn’t know Capaldi would be departing so soon. In the time between then and The Pilot, he made his announcement on Radio 2 and a fandom was aghast. Nonetheless, I like to think it heightened our enjoyment of Doctor Who Series 10: here was a chance to see the Twelfth Doctor doing what he does best, but joined by two new companions, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas).

The DWC has asked viewers to vote on individual episodes after they air, but now seems the right time to find out your favourites: now the dust has settled; now the DVD is sitting on your shelf; now you can see each one in the context of the season as a whole.

In the poll below, you can vote for your top 5 episodes. There was only one strict two-parter – the finale, World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls – but we’re keeping them separate here because otherwise, we face the possibility of lumping Extremis/ The Pyramid at the End of the World/ The Lie of the Land all together. And that’s just wrong. We also feel World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls are different enough in tone for you to prefer one over the other. I know I do!

Just to repeat: you can vote for 5 different episodes if you wish.

So what are you waiting for? Mull it over and make your decision!

We’ll revisit the results in the near future.

As ever, we’re always interested in your thoughts: what was the best and why? Which was the worst? And how does Series 10, as a whole, compare to other recent seasons…?

  • The Lazy Womble

    It’s a difficult one this. There are a few near perfect episodes. Even the “worse” episodes have a lot to recommend them. It came down to either “World Enough And Time” or “The Doctor Falls”. And, yes, I know that the finale has flaws. But it also has Simm & Gomez sparking off one another. It has Bill struggling to retain her humanity despite being not technically human. But for me, at last, it has Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. At the top of his game.

    Oh, you did mean season 10 didn’t you? I didn’t get this excited over season 9.

    • The Lazy Womble

      And I did mean “worse” rather than “worst”.

  • bar

    Interesting. 6 out of the 12 would definitely draw me to re-watch, but whereas WEaT would make me rewatch TDF, Extremis is better left without its ‘sequels.’
    The four little standalones that introduced Bill – future, past, present, space – make for a more satisfying binge than the crumblies trilogy.
    It’s sad that we have only these few to imagine what 12, Bill and Nardole could have been after another season. Missy’s last hurrah is fitting; theirs is not.

  • Rick714

    When I recently re-watched series 10, I found that I liked 5 of the first 6 eps the best, leaving out Knock knock. Those early adventures where Bill gets to know the Doctor and Nardole were very interesting. Empress of Mars was fun as well, and the two part finale was fairly epic too.

  • Planet of the Deaf

    It’s notable that the top 4 are all Moff written episodes. A tribute to his writing (even if people may question some of his showrunning decisions), and slightly worrying for the future

  • The Lazy Womble

    It’s interesting that every episode got at least one vote.

    • bar

      True; an unusual season hit rate. Slightly disconcerting that I seem to mostly concur with the majority; not used to conforming! Only difference is I like the contained chamber piece that is Knock Knock, with focus on characters and Suchet’s subtle portrayal of what Peter Pan would have been without friends or adventures. Ok, with its moral in the metaphor it’s closer to a Buffy than a normal Who, but I like it.

      • The Lazy Womble

        I too like Knock Knock

        • Ranger

          Hmm, me too. In fact I’ve gone for Thin Ice, Knock Knock, Extremis, Empress of Mars and The Eaters of Light. Which is weird since the first time round a couple of those I wasn’t that fussed about, but I find they’ve grown on me with repeated viewing; conversely, the opposite has happened with the finales – while initially blown away, repeated viewings has made me irritated with Moff trying to be too clever and the inevitable plot holes.

          • The Lazy Womble

            I have no doubt that Mr Moff’s showing off will come back to annoy me sometime. For now though I love the finale.