Paul McGann: Fuss Over Jodie Whittaker Will be Silly in Hindsight

Paul McGann has voiced his support for incoming Doctor Jodie Whitaker, arguing that she’s “the best person for the role” and that “the fuss is soon going to look silly”.

Speaking to promote his appearance in long-running BBC One medical drama Holby City (check out the apparently TV Movie-inspired trailer if you haven’t seen it yet), McGann said of the decision to cast a woman in the role:

“I’m certain that, in a year from now, everyone will be perfectly used to it and wondering what all the fuss was about.

“People will realise that it was long overdue… I thought Peter Capaldi was fantastic – perhaps the best ever, in my view. But once he decided to stand down, they would have been crazy not to cast a woman.”

As well as recounting his difficulty learning the necessary medical terminology to play a consultant neurosurgeon (“It took a few goes to get used to it”) Doctor number eight reminded us that he’s up for more trips in the TARDIS:

“You’re always a part of it. And the show can always go sideways and backwards – they can do what they like… It’s not inconceivable that any of us who played that role could return and do some more, which is great.”

Paul McGann’s Holby City debut came in the two-part story Group Animal which UK viewers can find on the BBC iPlayer. And as if you needed reminding, Jodie Whitaker’s first appearance in Doctor Who will come in this year’s Christmas episode Twice Upon A Time, to be screened on BBC One on Christmas Day.

Read more of Paul McGann’s interview over at Radio Times.