The Third Doctor Will Meet Cybermen and the Monk for Big Finish!

In next year’s Third Doctor Adventures Volume 4 from Big Finish, Jon Pertwee’s incarnation of the Doctor will face the Cybermen and the Meddling Monk!

The Cybermen have faced nearly every incarnation of the Doctor; in fact, they cropped up loads of times opposite Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor, in The Moonbase, Tomb of the Cybermen, The Wheel in Space, and The Invasion. But after that, Pertwee’s Third Doctor never fought the metallic menaces, at least in the 1970s on TV. (He met them in The Five Doctors, during which they were, frankly, massacred.)

But fortunately, Big Finish is throwing the Cybermen into this era of Doctor Who. This comes courtesy of Marc Platt, whose previous audios featuring the Cybermen, Spare Parts and The Silver Turk, have gone down rather well. Producer, David Richardson enthuses:

“Who better than Marc to write the first full-cast Third Doctor adventure to feature the Cybermen? I love this script which takes the Doctor and Jo Grant to Burnt Salt, a planet that is well past its glory days and about to fall prey to the Cyber threat. And we have a really lovely guest cast including Jeff Rawle, Linda Marlowe, and Carolyn Pickles.”

This isn’t the first time Big Finish has included Cybermen in the Third Doctor’s era: they were the main enemy in The Blue Tooth (2007), the first time Caroline John reprised her role as Liz Shaw for Big Finish. Yes, that was over a decade ago.

For this set, Katy Manning is back as Jo Grant, and Tom Treloar takes on the part of the Doctor.

In the first story in this box set, The Rise of the New Humans by Guy Adams, the Meddling Monk returns, played by Rufus Hound (The Woman Who Lived). Here’s the brief synopsis:

The Doctor and Jo are drawn to the Allingham Institute on Dartmoor to investigate a mysterious death. What developments has Dr Kurdi pioneered? And who is the Chief Administrator?

The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 4 is released in March 2018, and is available for pre-order at £25 on CD or £20 on download.

  • ColeBox

    I know some people have problems with re-casting of characters, especially Doctors, but Treloar does a wonderful job at his interpretation of Pertwee. That BF have also brought David Bradley in for Hartnell, it would be a shame to not re-cast Troughton or at least do a *proper* (i.e. NOT part narrated stories) Second Doctor adventure, using Fraser Hinds’ interpretation of Troughton. However, I concede that I may not be up to date on this and would be delighted to find out that BF already have.

    • Rick714

      I believe they’ve had Hines do a wonderful impersonation of Troughton on a bunch of audios, which I think is great. I also have no problem with Treloar doing Pertwee, as he does a great job. The audio guy who does the Hartnell impersonation is also very good and I like his interpretation. *However*, even though I’m okay with Bradley doing Hartnell for TUAT, since he was in the Gatiss movie, I’m not a fan of him doing the audios with the other folks who played his companions in the biopic. In an audio, I think it’s more important than ever to capture the essence of the original since you’ve only got the voices to go on. Bradley does a nice job but he’s not Hartnell and sounds nothing like him. totally inappropriate for the audios, in my opinion. Feels more like a cash grab from BF.

      • ColeBox

        Indeed, Hines impersonation of Troughton is excellent, but all of the audios he’s done – apart from the Fourth Doctor adventure Return to Telos – have all featured narration.

        Re-thinking your point re: Hartnell. I have to admit that I’m okay with it because I’m looking at it as a re-imagining. Big Finish usually revive a classic TV programme which features some of the original cast – Blake’s 7, for example – but they’ve also re-imagined The Prisoner and have just announced a Callan box set. Dare I say it, but very soon we will have a period of Doctor Who where none of the original actors are still alive. I wonder what BF will do in those instances? Re-cast, like they have with Ben, or leave that period alone?

        Rick, out of interest, are there any actors who you think will do a more Hartnell like performance for BF?

        • Rick714

          I don’t know the guy’s name but he’s done at least one or two Hartnell impressions on 1st Doctor audios and it may have been the same guy who did the impersonation in the brief bit in the Day of the Doctors as they all came together. If there’s a voice artist who can do a really good impersonation of the Doctor in question, and of course do a good acting job as well—almost making me believe that it’s the real deal, that’s all I need. I don’t need any big celebrity names, I just want a professional voice artist to complete the picture properly in service to the story. The cover of each audio will be featuring the original actors from back in the day anyway. I feel guys like Bradley on an audio just unnecessarily confuse the issue.

          • Philip

            John Guilor did the voice of the First Doctor in Day of the Doctors. And he’s great. 🙂