Matt Lucas Didn’t Know He’d Be Back for Twice Upon A Time

Don’t proceed any further if you’ve yet to watch Twice Upon A Time – because right now, we’re looking at the surprise return of Nardole. And it really was a surprise… if not to the audience, then certainly to actor, Matt Lucas!

The Little Britain star revealed as much in a behind-the-scenes video recently posted by the BBC.

Of course, it wasn’t the real Nardole. Or was it? It was actually a gestalt of memories, and a man, as we all know, is the sum of his memories, a reconstructed robot-alien-hybrid even more so. Maybe this was Nardole after all, apparently dead, alongside the wonderful Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie). Either way, it was a lovely treat to see Nardy again after his exit in The Doctor Falls.

But as the clip above reveals, he didn’t know he’d be around this Christmas. He says:

“I was very surprised because I’d been told I wasn’t in this year’s Christmas special, just like I was told I wasn’t in last year’s Christmas special [The Return of Doctor Mysterio]. I was chuffed to bits that I got to work with Peter Capaldi again.”

Then he jokes:

“Pearl Mackie I really wasn’t fussed about.”

Nardole debuted in The Husbands of River Song in 2015 – can you believe it was that long ago?! – and returned for Doctor Who Series 10. Peter, Pearl, and Matt proved to be a wonderful TARDIS team, one of the best of NuWho (alongside the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams).

Ah, they will be missed.

Were you happy to see Nardole return? How much would you pay Big Finish to get the trio back together for some new adventures?

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    Wasn’t surprised to see Nardole or Clara making cameos. Was anybody seriously in any doubt they’d make an appearance? And yes they were a great team together but the award for best NuWho partnership still has to go to 10 and Donna. That is gonna take some beating.

    • DonnaM

      This is what I love about this show – that it’s open to as many different interpretations as it has viewers. Much as I enjoy Ten and Donna together they’re a long way behind Twelve and the much maligned Clara as a duo for me, while Twelve, Bill and Nardole stand with my favourite classic era threesomes – Two with Jamie, Victoria and/or Zoe, Four with Harry and Sarah-Jane. Philip ranks Eleven and the Ponds as highly – I cordially disliked two thirds of that team. Doesn’t make any of us right or wrong, just means we see different things.

      It seems to me that’s how the show has endured: for everyone who dislikes one era, there’s always another to enjoy!

  • egyptian bar

    I loved the 12/Bill/Nardole team; my favourite NuWho by a long way, but not sure how well they’ll transfer to BF. Peter C is stunningly VISUAL as an actor. The thing he does (that Moff describes as acting by telepathy) looking at the screen and somehow making you KNOW what he’s thinking/feeling might not work on audio.
    But yes, I’d still buy it. The box set, on pre-order.

    • FrancoPabloDiablo

      I love you Bar but c’mon. Capaldi in audio form would/will be immense – were you watching his stories on mute? He’s more than visual eyebrows you know. I’m all for Capaldi on BF!!!!

      • egyptian bar

        Thanks for putting a smile on my face Franco! I was thinking of moments like, in Face the Raven, when he was saying goodbye to Clara (who I didn’t like). He didn’t move, speak, sigh or make a sound; all he did was look at the camera, and maybe shift focus fractionally, and half the audience burst into tears (even the ones who didn’t like Clara). When he’s on screen I can’t take my eyes off him, and love the little bits of ‘business,’ like rubbing the TARDIS better after removing Robin’s arrow. How do you do those things on audio?

        • Philip

          Silently? 😉

    • DonnaM

      Not a great buyer of audios- neither the time nor the money – but I’d be buying a Twelfth Doctor box set in an instant. Marvellously expressive as his face may be, Capaldi has the vocal flexibility to match and anyway he’s so perfectly “The Doctor” to me now I doubt I’d need to see those expressions to know they’re there. The companions wouldn’t matter (being contrary, I love Clara even more than Bill). I’d be in the queue to order!

  • Planet of the Deaf

    Not a great surprise for Nardole to show up in some form (or Clara and Bill).

    Indeed a 5 type hallucination would have been the “easy” way to bring as many people back as wanted! Instead Moff actually took an approach which similarly didn’t involve the “real” characters being there, which would have been really hard to logically write.