Twice Upon A Time Official 7-Day Rating

Ratings! Twice Upon a Time had an official 7-day rating of 7.92 million – making the special, which saw Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor regenerate into Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, the 6th highest rated show on Christmas Day.

The 7-day figure includes an additional 2.2 million on the initially reported figure which unsurprisingly now includes those who watch the episode over a 7-day period. That final figure makes Twice Upon a Time the highest rated special of Doctor Who since the 2014 Christmas episode Last Christmas which received an final day rating of 8.28 million.

The highest rated Christmas Special remains The Voyage of the Damned with a final day rating of 13.31 million – the lowest rating Special is The Husbands of River Song with 7.69 million viewers.

An additional 600,000 viewers have accessed the episode on the BBC iPlayer so far.

Top of the Christmas Day tree was Call the Midwife with 9.57 million watching, just ahead of Mrs Browns Boys with 9.04 million. The Queen’s Christmas Message had 8.18 million viewers across BBC One and ITV1. The highest rated show on ITV1 was Coronation Street with 6.99 million.

A full picture of what everyone fell asleep in front of this Christmas Day will be released later this week.

  • egyptian bar

    Ep 8 of The War Games got about 3.5 million viewers, when there were only two channels.
    They nearly ditched the show, and when they brought it back all Bond and Bouffant, people said it wasn’t Doctor Who any more…
    Just sayin.’

    • ColeBox

      I seem to recall reading that there was a group of fans who said that Doctor Who stopped at Troughton because the regeneration, from him to Pertwee, was never on screen.

      • Simon Danes

        I think it went off about 12 minutes into An Unearthly Child. A nice, family show about two teachers in a comprehensive school, looking after a new pupil, became very silly when they introduced her grandfather and all that science fiction stuff. Everything after those first twelve minutes has to be counted as non-canon.