The Eighth Doctor Returns in Big Finish’s Doctor Who: Ravenous

After the stunning conclusion of Doom Coalition last year, the Eighth Doctor is back in Doctor Who: Ravenous, a new four-part saga from Big Finish.

Paul McGann, Hattie Morahan, Nicola Walker and Mark Bonnar all return for the sequel to Doom Coalition which will have a looser structure than the previous epic Eighth Doctor adventures – with an overall story arc underpinning a mixture of stand-alone and multi-part adventures.

Also joining the series are Ian McNeice, who will be reprising his new series role as Winston Churchill, and Nicholas Rowe, who’ll be playing the sinister Kandyman, who first appeared in the Sylvester McCoy serial The Happiness Patrol in 1988, taking over from previous Kandyman David John Pope.

The full synopsis reads (spoiler warning for Doom Coalition):

In the epic finale of Doom Coalition, the Doctor lost one of his companions. Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan), an academic from 1960s England, was left trapped in time and space with the Eleven (Mark Bonnar), a mad, homicidal Time Lord retaining the personalities of his previous multiple regenerations.

Now, the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), joined by Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker), must hunt through time and space on two missions: to find their fallen companion and friend Helen, and to stop the Eleven by any means. But Helen isn’t the same person she was since we last saw her…

The story titles and writers for the first volume have been confirmed:

  • Their Finest Hour by John Dorney
  • How to Make a Killing in Time Travel by John Dorney
  • World of Damnation by Matt Fitton
  • Sweet Salvation by Matt Fitton

Nicholas Briggs, executive producer of Big Finish, said:

“This is another whole new phase in the Eighth Doctor’s epic journey. It builds on the great success of the Doom Coalition series and pitches the Doctor into some really startling stuff, with a couple of familiar, trusty companions by his side. Another great set of stories from producer David Richardson and director Ken Bentley — a winning team!”

The first boxset will be released in April 2018 with the second in October. The final two parts will be out during 2019. Each volume can be pre-ordered from Big Finish for £23 on CD and £20 for download respectively.

  • Liam

    Looking forward to this, Liv is one of my favourite compaions.
    Not sure what they mean by a looser structure. It didn’t think Doom Coalition was laden with plot.

  • #NotMyDoctor

    Big Finish is the only Dr Who now.

  • egyptian bar

    Every time I think I’m escaping BF addiction they lure me back with shiny new stories. I am powerless to resist 8 and my fav companion.
    Will have to earn something to put in the piggy bank first!

  • ColeBox

    Excellent: any Eighth Doctor is always welcome and the release schedule will fill the long wait until the next Time War instalment.

    However, I’m wary of Ian McNeice appearing as Churchill. Nothing against Ian, but I felt that Doom Coalition was hi-jacked by River Song. My mindset, which may be a little cynical, was that BF got the licence for Nu-Who, so looked at where they could use some of these characters? Cue a River Song shaped rock dropped into an Eighth Doctor sized pond.

    If Churchill is just making an appearance, then that’s absolutely fine, but if he runs off with great chuncks of the entire series then my eyes will be rolling like a fruit machine.

    Nevertheless, still very much looking forward to this.