#FollowFriday: Mark Ayres

On Twitter? Good. Because it’s thriving with interesting guys and gals from Doctor Who. This is the DWC’s chance to recommend some must-follow folk…

If you’re a Seventh Doctor fan, you’ll know Mark Ayres. He’s best known for composing incidental music for three much-loved classics starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Ghost Light, and The Curse of Fenric. But we can also thank him for his sterling work as part of the Restoration Team, a group of dedicated individuals who have worked on the VHS, DVD, and (for Spearhead from Space) Blu-ray releases of Classic Who, giving us archive footage in the best possible resolution.

Since 2008’s release of The War Machines, it’s Ayres’ job to sharpen the soundtracks, including removing unnecessary noise, correcting speeds, and, in some cases, reinstating the right noises. Here he is recreating the Doctor Who theme tune as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

And if you love his Ghost Light music, you can buy the full CD (or even vinyl) now.

Mark’s Twitter feed is… well, full of retweets! Don’t let that put you off. Most of what he retweets will be of interest to culture-lovers – and the politically-minded. That shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone who knows the Seventh Doctor era: tales like The Happiness Patrol and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy are full of satire.

You get a good picture of what inspires Ayres… and find out plenty more about the projects he’s working on.

And that does, of course, include Doctor Who.

Anyone especially interested in music and consumption of the media should definitely follow Mark.

Also: coffee.

Follow Mark on Twitter: @MarkAyresRWS.