Restoration Team Site Updated to Include Last DVD Releases

UPDATE: We don’t quite know what happened, but it appears the new content has now been taken down. We hope that’s just temporary, but we’re really not sure right now.

Original Post: It’s DVD Week here at the DWC, and the Doctor Who Restoration Team have given us a treat: they’ve updated their website to include the work they’ve done on the final few releases of the Classic DVD Range. (Okay, so they didn’t update it purely as a treat for the DWC, but it’s a lovely coincidence, right?)

The previous set of updates were in 2013, with the release of Spearhead from Space on Blu-ray.

This latest update – very likely the last – includes The Ice Warriors, Terror of the Zygons, The Moonbase, and Scream of the Shalka. You’ll also find the final three releases, all Second Doctor serials long thought missing, but episodes of which have been found: The Enemy of the World, The Web of Fear, and The Underwater Menace – the latter of which was almost begrudgingly released on DVD by a strangely-grumpy BBC Worldwide.

The Restoration Team was founded in the early 1990s, made of dedicated fans who wanted to present classic stories in the best possible resolution. This began with VHS, and moved onto DVDs.

The most extensive additions to the site are for the two serials announced to have been foThe und in 2013, The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear, but they’re also notable for their distinct lack of extras.

It’s great to see the site updated again, but it also documents how little the BBC were interested in the medium once plans for digital releases were afoot.