Paul McGann to Star in Final Series of The Musketeers

Paul McGann is to star in series 3 of the hit BBC1 show, The Musketeers.

McGann, obviously best known as the Eighth Doctor, will naturally play a character at odds with the four musketeers. Showrunner, Simon Allen says:

“Paul plays a wealthy nobleman who is engaged to an old friend of Aramis and finds himself in conflict with the Musketeers. We were so thrilled to get him onto the show – I’d worked with him before on a fantasy pilot and he’s awesome!”

That was Fables of Forgotten Things, a children’s pilot about a memory-eating ghost – and doesn’t that sound cool?! Sadly, it was made in 2008, so we’re pretty sure it’s not being picked up for a full series.

This will be the last season of The Musketeers too – a fact that’s greatly annoyed many fans, myself included. Personally, I had an inkling that the BBC had fallen out of love with it (or perhaps more accurately, simply couldn’t be bothered any more), in much the same way Ripper Street was axed. No word on whether, again like Ripper Street, another service might pick it up, but it’s looking doubtful.

Luke Pasqualino, who plays D’Artagnan, said:

“My Musketeers adventure was truly an incredible experience, which will live with me forever. I had the most amazing time exploring this beautiful world with even more beautiful people. I feel very sad to see its end but have every confidence that the fans will love viewing it as much as we enjoyed making it. Huge thanks to all who made the show such a pleasurable journey and of course, thank you to the fans that saw the show for everything that it was.”

Howard Charles, aka Porthos, added:

“These characters will never cease to educate us on the notion of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality. They will live forever in our hearts and minds. A huge thank you to our fans of old and new, hope you enjoy the final season. Your loyalty and support is not lost on us. All for one…”

Pasqualino, Charles, Tom Burke (Athos), Santiago Cabrera (Aramis), Hugo Speer (Captain Treville), Alexandra Dowling (Queen Anne), Ryan Gage (King Louis), Maimie McCoy (Milady de Winter) and Tamla Kari (Constance) were joined by Peter Capaldi as Cardinal for Series 1, but when he was unveiled as the Twelfth Doctor, the role of villain for Series 2 went to Love & Monsters‘ Marc Warren as Rochefort. For Series 3, Rupert Everett joins the cast as Philippe Achille, the corrupt Governor of Paris, Head of the Red Guard and illegitimate brother to Louis XIII.

If you’ve yet to see an episode, do check it out. Series 1 was fantastic, but 2 was a masterpiece.

No official airdate has been confirmed yet – it used to premiere in January, but like I said, the BBC couldn’t be bothered with it this time around – but the first episode of Series 3, Spoils of War is expected on BBC1 and BBC America next month.

And I’m calling it right now: Alexandra Dowling as the next companion!