Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures Star Joins Class

Paul Marc Davis is to become the first actor to appear in all three modern-day Doctor Who spin-offs, as well as the main show – because he’s just been announced as a recurring presence in Class!

You’ll know Davis as the Chieftan of the Futurekind in 2007’s Utopia where he was busy chasing down humans to devour. His other notable appearance in a spin-off is as a more memorable (less vicious; more scheming) character: the Trickster in The Sarah Jane Adventures. This faceless baddie was part of the Pantheon of Discord, making deals to alter history in order to feed off the ensuing chaos in three storylines: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, and The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, the latter of which also featured David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. He basically kept the same set of sharp teeth in SJA as in Doctor Who.

In Torchwood, he played one of three cowled aliens passing through the Rift in the Series 2 finale, Exit Wounds.

He’ll top off the spin-off trilogy with Class, though we don’t actually know who he’s play, although it is apparently a recurring part.

Class, which stars Katherine Kelly, Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins, Vivian Oparah, Fady Elsayed, and Nigel Betts, began filming earlier this month.

Written by Patrick Ness (The Rest of Us Just Live Here; A Monster Calls), Class will air on BBC Three and BBC1 later this year. Ignore anyone who states Peter Capaldi is appearing. Tat’s hoped for, sure, but there are no facts creeping out just yet.