New Companion to be Announced on Saturday

We’re an otter’s toenail away from finding out who the new Doctor Who companion is: in fact, the BBC plan to announce exactly who this Saturday! Expect even greater inflated audience figures for Match of the Day Live

The announcement will be made – if all goes according to plan – during the half-time interval of the FA Cup semi-final between Everton and Manchester United. Clearly, the new companion is Gary Lineker. Or someone called… wait for it… Annette. (Oh shush. You’re obviously not playing ball.) Kick-off is at 5:15pm, so we expect to hear something just after 6pm.

We’re not quite sure how said companion will be unveiled, but at least the BBC have gone off the Doctor Who Live nonsense, which caused fans across the UK to rip out their own eyes and ears. Hopefully, One Direction will be involved. Also, a black hole.

The new companion – and we’re pretty sure she is indeed a she – will join Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor in the TARDIS, either this Christmas or in the opening episode of Series 10, set to screen next year because Doctor Who fans aren’t acquainted enough with the concept of “waiting.” That series is due to start filming next month, so expect photos to pop up on Twitter very soon!

We knew that Jenna Coleman was leaving the role of Clara Oswald since… well, 2014 really, but we were granted an extra series with her.

In summary: that’s Saturday 23rd April 2016. BBCOne. Match of the Day Live. Just after 6pm. Be here!