Out Now: Fourth & Eleventh Doctor Comics

Do you think in thought bubbles? Do you divide time and space into individual panels? When you punch someone do giant vibrant letters e-x-p-l-o-d-e from your fists?

Well then, these brand new Doctor Who comics from Titan are right up your vividly sketched alley! So to speak…

First up, we have Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor Mini-Series #2, written by Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby with art by Brian Williamson.

After the petryifying reveal at the end of last issue, the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith pry further into the affairs of Lady Emily Carstairs and her legion of Scryclops! What mysteries lurk within her half-veiled mansion? And what light can be shed by Professor Odysseus and his daughter, Athena?

And then, hurtling us into the Doctors future, events come to ahead in Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor #2.8, written by Written by Si Spurrier with art by Warren Pleece.

Abslom confesses a Daak secret. Alice develops a bond. The Squire recovers a memory. And the Doctor discovers the horrific truth about how The Then and The Now has been tracking them – and he doesn’t like it one bit. As the universe closes in around them, is escape even possible?

Both issues are out now from all good stockists.

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