#FollowFriday: Doctor Who SFX

Twitter! What is it good for? Absolutely noth- – no, wait a minute. There are some great folk on the social network. #FollowFriday is our chance of highlighting the accounts you should follow.

This week’s is an absolute essential follow, and yet it’s an account you might’ve missed. We’re pretty sure you already follow Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and the various other Big Doctor Who Names, but what about Doctor Who SFX.

To tie in with the release of the 43rd Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition, which focuses on special effects, we highly recommend you check out this informative, fun, and prolific feed.

Tweets track the work of the BBC Visual Effects Department (mainly), covering storylines from all eras of the show. Most recently, they’ve looked at Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet, which does include the incredible shot of the TARDIS being drawn into the Time Lord space station.

The feed covers all the main effects work from every serial it features.

Furthermore, it sometimes gives us glorious insights into a few missing stories too; in this case, Power of the Daleks.

… As well as more recent adventures…

Look, we could be here all day, filling this page with tweets. Because it’s fascinating, isn’t it? Fortunately, if you head over to Storify, a few episodes have been collected together.

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