First Interview with Pearl Mackie: “I Am Really Looking Forward to Starting Filming!”

You’e probably heard by now: Pearl Mackie is the Doctor’s new companion, Bill. (Or AsBill, perhaps.) The BBC have the first interview with the actress following the announcement, and while it’s naturally light on detail, she’s full of enthusiasm about working alongside Peter Capaldi.

Asked about how she feels about the role, Pearl replied:

“I don’t think I’ve really taken it all in. It’s been incredible. I think maybe when I get home, finally the reality of it will sink in and I’ll probably explode or something.”

And yes, more “attitude” in the TARDIS too. She does remind me somewhat of Ace – indeed, Internet folk have mulled over the idea that she’s from the 1980s, judging from her fashion-sense (which is cyclical anyway, so fits into the 2010s) and the fact the Doctor said they were going “back to the future”, meaning 2017 – but there’s also a hint of Rose Tyler and Donna Noble…

What can we ascertain about Bill? Not much really. But Pearl’s coming across nicely. She seems good-humoured, sweet, and admittedly nervous.

Doctor Who Series 10 is set to begin filming next month, but we likely won’t see Bill in the TARDIS until next year.

What do you think? Looking forward to seeing a new face? Looking forward to seeing more afros?