Out Now: Doctor Who Adventures #14

For some, it’s the guilty pleasure of the self conscious, for others it’s the exciting monthly reminder that there’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes, Doctor Who Adventures #14 is out today!

Coming with a free Make a Monster Kit (go on, you know you want one!) the issue also includes:

  • SKY MANOR -The Doctor ends up playing detective in a country house high up in the clouds. The trouble is, he’s being chased by an angry group of gorillas and the country house is about to come crashing out of the sky and down to earth! You’ll go ape with this latest offering from Kieron Moore, Russ Leach and John Burns!
  • MISSY NEEDS YOU! – Missy is looking for a sidekick/slave/dogsbody! Have you got what it takes to serve the craziest Time Lord in history?
  • OSGOOD’S RESEARCH LAB – Unleash your inner fan with some cool Doctor badges!
  • UNIT ALIEN ARCHIVES – This month you get to access UNIT’s archive on the one and only River Song!
  • STRAX’S HOLIDAY SNAPS! – Strax has just taken a vacation on Gallifrey and he’s eager to show you his latest holiday snaps!
  • THE PATERNOSTER GANG INVESTIGATES – The Paternoster Gang investigate the Dangerous Dilemma of the Dream Doorway, in a chilling story brought to you by Rik Hoskin!

Doctor Who Adventures #14 comes with a free make a monster kit and is on sale now, price £3.99

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