Out Now: DWM #499 Looks at the History of Book Cover Art!

As the art of the Target books is celebrated in a new exhibition – and a new batch of novelisations are reissued – DWM tracks down the men who painted Doctor Who.

DWM speaks to Chris Achilleos, the first regular artist on the range, establishing a new visual style for Doctor Who

“I didn’t need direction – I knew how to do a cover. I was always very aware that a book cover needs to be attractive – almost interactive, in a way – so that you’re drawn to pick it up in a shop. I still think they work as good punchy covers.”

Target book fan and modern-day Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss has much affection for the artwork:

“The Three Doctors was my first and perhaps still my favourite. The incredibly evocative orange and green luridness of Omega’s deadly fingers, the Doctors themselves in grave monochrome. I still get a Proustian rush from seeing these images.”

You might’ve noticed the DWC has interviewed Achilleos too, and he told us:

“You had to encapsulate the whole story in the picture on the cover. It’s not an easy thing to do, and that’s what I try very hard to achieve on any book cover, not just Doctor Who, and also stay faithful to the author’s description of things – the characters, whatever was portrayed… This is a miniature poster to attract the attention of people passing by so you have to make it very attractive and punchy, and make it stand out from the rest and that’s what I was good at.”

As you can see, one of Chris’ favourite Target paintings – Genesis of the Daleks – also adorns the front of this latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

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All this, plus the latest official news, reviews, competitions and The DWM Crossword.

Doctor Who Magazine #499 is on sale from Thursday 28 April 2016, price £4.99.