#FollowFriday: Paul McGann

Are you on Twitter? If not, it’s a great place for Doctor Who fans to meet like-minded people and gaze at stars adoringly – which makes it sound like a dating site, I know. #FollowFriday is our weekly chance of highlighting some must-follow folk on the social network…

And today’s, to commemorate the 20th (!) anniversary of the TV Movie, is the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann!

The TV Movie premiered (sort of) on 12th May 1996 on a Canadian station, then 14th May in the USA before fans in the UK finally got to see it almost a fortnight later. While we’ve squabbled about it since transmission – the pain added to when it didn’t lead to a full TV series – one element everyone seemed to love was the Eighth Doctor, played brilliantly by Paul McGann. It’s annoying we didn’t get to see him again until 2013’s The Night of the Doctor, but McGann continued as the Time Lord for Big Finish, alongside companions like Charley Pollard (India Fisher), C’Rizz (Conrad Westmaas), and Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker).

McGann remains one of my favourite actors, recently appearing in such series as Luther, Ripper Street, and in the upcoming series of The Musketeers. Many will know him, aside from in Who, for Withnail & I.

He may not be the most prolific of tweeters, but he’s certainly not lax either. His most famous tweet, though, is a simple fan-pleasing one.

In fact, there’s a lot there to please the Doctor Who fandom.

Many of his tweets are very political – but that’s likely to please UK fans too. The Government is a constant cause for concern!

Oh, but there’s plenty for an international audience too…

You’ll have noticed Paul’s got a great sense of humour.

… But you do see him in a contemplative mood too.

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