Out Today: Big Finish’s Tenth Doctor Adventures!

This is it. The Tenth Doctor Adventures are finally here.

It seems like so long ago that Big Finish announced not only that the company has the license to produce stories for so-called NuWho – that’s anything up to and including The Time of the Doctor – but also that David Tennant and Catherine Tate were reprising their roles as the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. But here we are, ready to spend time with friends once more.

With Big Finish securing the pair, these three adventures were bound to be popular. All they needed was three great writers who could deliver stories that would challenge, entertain, and evoke a wonderful nostalgia for an era left largely unexplored by Big Finish.

The three chosen writers are all experienced hands: Matt Fitton, who has proven himself numerous times across numerous ranges, including Dark Eyes, Counter-Measures, and the main Doctor Who range; James Goss, who can always be relied upon, whatever the medium (my favourite story of his being the Eleventh Doctor book, Dead of Winter); and Jenny Colgan, whose only previous credits for Big Finish are The Diary of River Song: The Boundless Sea, and a Short Trips story. She’s used to writing for the Doctor, though, typically in novel format: readers have pored over Dark Horizons, two Time Trips shorts, and, just recently released, In The Blood.

Anyone who has pre-ordered the three stories, either separately or in the Limited Edition boxset, should have a very special package clanging through their letterboxes very soon, but they also get a complimentary downloadable copy, available through the Big Finish website later today. This means you can start listening straight away.

Similarly, fans who haven’t pre-ordered but nonetheless want to hear the Doctor and Donna in some brand-new stories can purchase copies now, and download the audios so you don’t have to wait for the postman.

So what are these stories? We have Technophobia, Time Reaver, and Death and the Queen, all very different beasts but ones we’re sure you’ll love.

And stay tuned because we’ve got reviews coming up throughout today (Monday).

To tantalise you even more, our Review Editor, Mez calls Technophobia “incredibly fun, with a still-sparkling back and forth between the Doctor and Donna and a great mix of both action and drama. The second the Tenth Doctor swaggers back into existence is a wonderful thing indeed and writer, Matt Fitton characterises this Doctor extremely well, with passion and care.”

Meanwhile, Time Reaver “fits the tone of the Tenth Doctor’s era, but also expands that universe, exploring the rougher, grimmer corners of it. This much is obvious from the pre-titles sequence which introduces the truly disgusting Gully (John Banks)”; and Death and the Queen features plenty of moments “which lead the audience to question how [the Doctor and Donna’s] travels really affect our heroes and not always for the better.”

Keep your eyes peeled…

Have you pre-ordered the Tenth Doctor Adventures? Or are you waiting for the reviews to tell you whether they’re worth your anticipation (and money!)? Let us know below!