#FollowFriday: Jenny Colgan

Some of you naturally shirk Twitter. You’ve heard so many terrible things about it: people waste time on it; it’s dull; the Doctor’s not that keen… But wait! There are lovely guys and gals on the social network, ready to impart Doctor Who wisdom on us fans. #FollowFriday is our chance to highlight a particularly lovely guy or gal. And this week’s is… Jenny Colgan!

Or Jenny T. Colgan. Or J. T. Colgan. Or Jane Beaton.

Anyway, Jenny is an award-winning author whose wealth of romantic-comedy titles sit comfortably between Harlen Coben and Clive Cussler in most bookshops. She’s also written some of the best Doctor Who stories in recent years.

2012 saw the publication of Dark Horizons, starring Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, followed by short stories for the Time Trips range (Into the Nowhere and A Long Way Down), and additional tales for The Scientific Secret of Doctor Who, and The Legends of Ashildr. Her latest Doctor Who book, In The Blood, has just been released, starring the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, and in our review, we said:

“[T]he book’s biggest strength is how it manages to capture the magic of the DoctorDonna relationship. Colgan starts strong with a wonderful exchange on board the TARDIS about a broken mechanical masseuse that in just an ellipsis and the occasional italicised word nails Catherine Tate’s performance as Donna Noble.”

Her next story for the Doctor Who universe is Picnic at Asgard in next month’s anthology title, The Legends of River Song.

But Colgan’s also written for Big Finish: her Diary of River Song story, The Boundless Sea, was very well received, as was her Short Trips story, Gardens of the Dead. Perhaps most excitingly, however, is Time Reaver, her Tenth Doctor Adventure. In our review, we said:

“Jenny Colgan is the perfect choice for the audio adventure. Writing for Doctor Who in general, and this TARDIS team in particular, is an enviable task. I’d give my right hand to do it (as long as I’m still in the first 15 hours of my regeneration cycle). There’s a lot of pressure, but there’s also a confidence to her plot and dialogue.”

And so to Twitter. Jenny is very active there, and very friendly too. This is where you realise how much of a Who fan she really is.

You’ll have noticed her easy wit shining through. This isn’t exclusive to tweets about Doctor Who.

And for anyone out there who wants to read about her non-Who work…

Follow Jenny @jennycolgan.