#FollowFriday: Elena Casagrande

Twitter’s a great place for Doctor Who fans to indulge in what they love – but it’s also a great place for creative folk, period. It’s thriving with comic writers, artists, colourists, and editors, and this week’s #FollowFriday highlights an artist whose beautiful work makes Titan Comics’ Tenth Doctor series an essential addition to your grab-pile.

Elena Casagrande has worked with Nick Abadzis since the title, which features David Tennant’s tenth incarnation of the Time Lord, launched in July 2014, and the pair created the wonderful Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu, best friends and companions of the Doctor. Though she shares artistic duties with a few others, her style has influenced the look and feel of the comic as a whole, and she’s also provided covers for the series. In our exclusive interview with Nick, he said:

“Elena, Arianna [Florean, colourist], Eleonora, Giorgia, and all the artists we’ve had, all hail from a certain Italian school of drawing comics, and although they all have their own different styles, there’s also a sort of overall sensibility they share, a kind of dramatic expression that seems perfect for the Tenth Doctor, for what we’ve established for this run of comics, anyway. Full credit to Elena, who established that direction.”

Born in Rome, she enrolled in the city’s International School of Comics and there, started working with IDW, a collaboration which continues to this day. Since then, she’s drawn for such titles as Ultimate Spider-Man, The Flash, and Hack/Slash. So naturally, her tweets don’t solely focus on Doctor Who but also the wider comic community.

But as you can see, she does devote a lot of time to everyone’s favourite show…

You also get to glimpse the immense work that goes into each piece.

What’s more, her tweets are geared more towards an international audience than many profiles.

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