Matt Smith and David Tennant Really Want to Return to Doctor Who

David Tennant and Matt Smith, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, are very keen to return to Doctor Who – Matt especially so, it seems!

The pair were at a Wizard World panel and a fan asked if they’d be open to returning to the show. And Matt immediately replied:

“I really want to… But then Peter [Capaldi] would be like, ‘Hey -it’s mine!'”

Smith apparently also mentioned an idea of his to bring both himself and Tennant back for six episodes each, comprising a full series with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. David added:

“In this universe, anyone can come back. Look at Rory Pond… I don’t think you could ever go back to it full-time, but there’s almost a built-in invitation to go back.”

Sounds ideal to me; much as I love the Twelfth Doctor, I miss Matt in particular. Plus we’ve seen how well their real-life friendship translates to screen when the pair met in the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor (2013). The draw of these immensely popular Time Lords would certainly get a shed-load of publicity and, I’m sure, increased viewing figures.

Further prodded about if they’d return under Chris Chibnall reign as showrunner, they said:

“All things are possible.”

True. Nothing’s impossible – just a bit unlikely. It’s not likely the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors will be back any time soon. Then again, it was very unlikely we’d see Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor regenerate too…

Would you like to see a multi-Doctor story? How about a few episodes? Which other Doctors would you invite back?